‘The Great Replacement’ is a fundamentally destructive concept – Press Telegram

Was the murderously twisted mind of Buffalo’s mass shooter distorted only by contact with the atrocious, non-American conspiracy theory known as “the great substitute”?

No. But for a depressed, impressionable teenager who runs loose in the darkest corners of the web, contact has certainly not helped.

And that contact was widespread, leading to the publication of a 180-page “manifesto” that specifically cited the theory as the reason why he sought out a black-sponsored Buffalo supermarket in his neighborhood, killing 10 people and injuring others. three.

The great replacement, either in its full form (which “elites” deliberately seek to replace white Americans with non-whites dedicated to the Democratic Party and the uprooting of American culture) or in other variants (than immigration and other forms). of diversification necessarily implies threats to American society) is a fundamentally xenophobic and racist nonsense that must be confronted as such by all who care about the future of our nation.

It is dangerous, marginal thinking, promoted not so much by people who really believe it, but by those who are so upset by the reality of a pluralistic America that they seem to think that resistance to change must come by any means necessary, including demoting. people who can take ideas to the extreme.

That is why one of the saddest aspects of its enactment is to see the great theory of substitution adopted by nominally patriotic established organizations.

According to The New York Times before the shooting, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson supported in more than 400 episodes of his television program the idea that American “elites” want to replace white voters with immigrants or people from the ” Third World “. ”.

And after claiming that he distanced himself from any racially hateful aspect of GRT prevarication, the Conservative Claremont Institute here in Southern California published in February: “And so, when powerful corporate media come together to ban discussion on an issue “It is our duty to defy the fear of the American people.

An “issue that worries the American people” like … how supposedly terrible is immigration, for example? When does anyone with any sense know that immigration over the centuries is one of the cornerstones of our nation’s greatness?

The apology for embracing this radical theory in the institute’s editorial The American Mind is as follows: “This is because the Great Replacement is not fundamentally about race. ”.

Thus, the Claremont Institute supports the conspiracy theory that was also cited by a mass shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, who killed 51 people; the Buffalo shooter searched the screed posted online by that killer and quoted directly from him, cutting and pasting parts of him that refer to the “white genocide” and show a concern for white birth rates in the West. And there was the shooter from El Paso, Texas who, inspired by the Christchurch shooter, angrily murdered Hispanics by the “invasion” of America.

‘The Great Replacement’ is a fundamentally destructive concept – Press Telegram Source link ‘The Great Replacement’ is a fundamentally destructive concept – Press Telegram

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