The Family Chantel Trailer Teases New Feuds, Implants, and MORE Brawling!

Family Chantel Known for that Fight endless chaos.. In fact, that was true even before the spin-off began.

In many respects, it was a large family brawl that put Chantel Everett and Pedrohimeno “on the map.”

Now, 90 days fiance Alum and their ill-mannered relatives are back in Season 3 … and they are still in action.

In addition to multiple battles, the new trailer makes fun of Pedro’s father’s search, lots of boobs stories, some romance pains, house hunting and more.

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are house hunting as the trailer for Season 3 begins.

It has long been true that the main problem with their marriage is not the usual interpersonal struggle, but all family-related issues.

That is clearly the case.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-And They Can Live Downstairs Here

Pedro suggested to Chantel that his mother Lydia and sister Nicole could live together and stay downstairs.

Instead of laughing at this bold proposal, Chantel agrees … except that they are put in a crate.

Obviously, Pedro isn’t excited about the characterization of his family’s Chantel as an untamed animal in need of Cage.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-My God, Nicole, Their Boobs

Speaking of Pedro’s nasty sister Nicole, she shows off her breast augmentation.

Koraima praises her friend’s cup size for being significantly increased.

Not surprisingly, the conversation is directed to Chantel’s unmissable chest.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-That's the real person, right?

Unlike her sister-in-law, Chantel’s breasts are natural and organic.

We don’t have to accept her words about it as Pedro starts rocking them cheerfully on the camera …

He obviously takes a lot of pride in his wife’s, uh, achievements.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Karen Asks the River

On the other side, Chantel’s mother, Karen, is talking to the river.

The river has a new girlfriend and things are getting worse, but he claims it’s not his mother’s job.

She argues that it is absolutely so, as all of her adult children’s relationships will inevitably affect her life.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Jar Has a New Religion

By the way, winter came back with Yaha, who found a new religion.

(Well, I’m guessing what this is, and I hope I’m wrong … wait until it’s clear and give him the benefit of doubt until then)

Jar now says he’s following a “biblical diet” and trying to grieve Karen for eating shrimp, accusing her of thinking “like a bottom feeder.” ..

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Pedro asks if Alejandro is divorced

You can also see Pedro meeting his sister’s boyfriend, Alejandro.

Alejandro has a long-distance relationship with Nicole … and not Nicole, he is still married.

Pedro considers it a fake and wants to understand the man’s intentions.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-You're a buzzer and your mother is a buzzer

Alejandro counterattacks by insulting Pedro and Pedro’s mother … which, of course, also means insulting Nicole’s brother and Nicole’s mother.

If you think Pedro is the kind of person who doesn’t respond well to “Yo Mama” jokes, you’re right.

Things escalate from there to Chantel’s (final) regret.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Alejandro Threatens Pedro

On the street, we see Alejandro threatening Pedro straight-at first glance with physical violence.

He swear “f–k you up”.

Pedro doesn’t seem to be feeding … but he doesn’t have to.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Alejandro Attacks Pedro

It is Alejandro who rushes into Pedro and rushes and jumps.

Physical contact is clear, but the situation doesn’t seem to get much worse.

But this is just a trailer and is making fun of us in what’s to come.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Pedro-The guy wasn't there for us

Switching gears, when Pedro is in Santo Domingo, he tries to understand more about his absent father.

He tells his mother about the disappearance of his dead dad.

Nicole cries in the backseat while they are talking. This is a delicate topic for everyone involved.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Pedro-I'm not crying about him

Pedro also cries while talking to the confession camera.

But he emphasizes that he is not crying about his dad.

Rather, he is crying about the situation caused by his father’s actions. He splits his hair terribly fine, but he splits it.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Nicole Himeno lists what Chantel calls her

Nicole is angry that Pedro has had a physical quarrel with her married boyfriend, Alejandro.

She states that Chantel has cast many verbal insults.

But, as she reminds me of Koraima, she has never physically attacked Chantel.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Nicole Himeno-Pedro had sex with Koraima

But she wants revenge. It clearly comes to her mind as she approaches Chantel and her family.

She makes an announcement in front of her brother Chantel and the other Everett (who traveled there).

“Pedro had sex with Koraima,” Nicole triumphantly declares.

Family Chantel Season 3 Trailer-Nicole Himeno has been forcibly removed

I don’t know exactly what happened in this series of events, but it looks like Nicole is back and throwing something.

What happened next was basically that she worked very gently and was free from the situation.

It seems that the police were called at Karen’s request. Yes, this season is going to be weird.

The Family Chantel Trailer Teases New Feuds, Implants, and MORE Brawling! Source link The Family Chantel Trailer Teases New Feuds, Implants, and MORE Brawling!

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