The Britely Has Jazz-Age Vibes—and Wolfgang Puck

The last thing LA needs is another private club. BrightlyReinventing the charm of Old Hollywood on the hotel-rich Sunset Strip, the club is located on the grounds of the Old House of Blues and is a palace-like Art Deco pastiche with velvet sofas. is. Ostrich wings; prism chandelier. Smoke mirror; flowers, animals, And Geometric prints of pink, pistachio and butter yellow. It’s a homage to the Jazz Age, where Jay Gatsby’s ghosts happily haunt. There are two indoor bars and one outdoor bar, with sconces and chandeliers shining. How many Hollywood social clubs offer the luxury of Wolfgang Pack? two Restaurant? The annual membership fee is $ 2,800 and for couples $ 4,200. This includes admission to Brightley’s sister hotel, Pendry’s flashy gym and spa. Britely is ready when the long-promised Roaring Twenties Redax finally arrives. Is it?

Pretty palette

Wayne Nathan

This painting by Markus Linnenbrink shows all of the favorite shades of interior designer Martin Brudnizki. “Few cities offer such vibrant and iconic tones,” says Brudnizki. “The blue of the sea, the green of the hills and the pink of the setting sun were the basis of this scheme. Britely was designed with the city of West Hollywood in mind. Its identity is unique to the region.”

Raise the standard

bbb ferocious

Wayne Nathan

Next to the rooftop pool, Wolfgang Puck’s hilarious Melois restaurant is trying to do what the main course Chinois was Asian with seafood. If you come early, you may see Puck himself reviewing the evening’s menu at the usual poolside perch.

Main event

Wayne Nathan

The lounge features warm pink walls in a deco style. “I call it Prada Pink,” says Managing Director Esther Lacroix. This is distinct from millennial colors. Bold striped bar stools contrast with tiled floors and marble bars. “We tried to add something a bit strange to the relaxed atmosphere of the club,” says Brudnizki. “We want people to escape from their daily lives.”

I feel blue

Wayne Nathan

Teal’s luxurious sofas add a touch of charm to the whims of ballet pink ostrich feather lamps and the painting of “Bowling Alley Room” by local artist Erin Garcia. When you’re not on a bowling strike, you can visit the musical and enjoy the performance.


bbb ferocious

Wayne Nathan

You can’t help but feel the brilliance while creating a dramatic entrance on this stylish mirrored staircase leading through Kenton Parker’s paintings to the club’s main room. Like everyone else, you will see yourself coming and going.

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The Britely Has Jazz-Age Vibes—and Wolfgang Puck Source link The Britely Has Jazz-Age Vibes—and Wolfgang Puck

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