The best nacho recipe for Super Bowl 2021 game day

For sports game nights, awards ceremony nights, fun movie nights, or other occasions that ensure that attention is trained on the TV screen rather than on the plate in front of you, it’s at our home. This is Nachos for dinner. It’s easy to throw together quickly. It’s basically a salad of chips and toppings, ideal for a light meal when attention is limited.

When my partner and I lived in New York, we spent Sunday nights at least three times a month at one sports bar in the Upper Manhattan district. I always got a burger, and he’s a nachos. These nachos, accompanied by the usual suspects of sour cream, salsa and guacamole, were undoubtedly made of fried chips topped with a free-flowing cheese sauce with velveeta and plenty of pepper. These nachos were the perfect bar food while sipping a beer or staring at the bright screen overhead.

Nachos aren’t fantasy in nature, but that doesn’t mean you’re a little ignorant of how to make them. Those burnachos were great, but when it was time to make them at home, I got inspiration elsewhere. I wanted to keep the process at home as easy as if you had a free-use restaurant kitchen.

Like hamburgers, each and every nachos version is perfect. Here’s mine: Inspired by the techniques of Jen Agg, the chef and owner of several restaurants in Toronto, including her latest bar vendetta, these nachos are chili-flavored beef sauce and shredded cheese It’s like the steroid Ortegatacos, with finely chopped iceberg lettuce pouring down from above. To summarize Agg’s recipe for “Chef’s Night Out” (the first Munchies cookbook run), these are white nachos. And like her, I don’t claim they are anything else.

Start with a tip. I haven’t fried fresh tortilla chips — who will? — I buy the best I can find. Some are in clear plastic bags at Vallarta and Albertsons deli counters, but they’re probably the yellow bags of my favorite grocery brand, Calidad Chips. Whatever you use, make sure you have enough salt. Place them on the top plate and then sprinkle with a grid of lime peel. This helps undercut the layers of coming weight.

Next, seasoned beef. Chili powder, dried oregano and cumin flavored the beef and simmered in a flour-thickened soup. You can also use taco seasoning packets, but this is part of the recipe that provides discernment. That’s all you need to make, so make it from scratch. Would you like to eat beef? Use turkey, lamb, or vegan meat alternatives. (Agg’s original recipe used the tongue left over from the restaurant preparation.)

Next, the Pico de Garo doll. If you are the type of person who makes your own pico de gallo, you may be the type of person who fries your tortilla chips. In that case, you probably aren’t using them to make nachos. So buy pico, drain and spoon the beef. You can chop it up if you have tomatoes, but Pico has all the flavors you need.

Next, add finely chopped cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack cheese. Buy blocks and chop them by hand. It makes a big difference in dissolution. Don’t you like those cheeses? Use something else, make sure it melts well. Then sprinkle with raw white onions and peppers. Agg’s original recipe requires green bell peppers, but I prefer Poblano. Because I’ll keep the poblano (use what you have). Put the nachos in the oven. The heat is enough to cook the onions and poblano and lose the raw bite, but not enough to relieve the crunchy texture.

Nachos need to be baked long enough to melt the cheese and crisp the chips. This leaves enough time to make the garnish. In addition, add lime rind and juice to sour cream and stir to create a lime-like analog of Mexican crema that can be foggy. Open the guacamole container purchased at the store or slice the ripe avocado and, if necessary, chop the iceberg lettuce as thinly as possible. Like cheese, if you buy an iceberg head and chop it yourself, it’s still vibrant.

When the nachos come out of the oven, bring them to the TV room and place them on a towel on the coffee table to protect them from the heat. Put lettuce on the nachos, let the crema rain lightly, and add healthy guacamole several times. Press “Play” to pay attention to the main event. Rest assured that dinner has already beaten that night.

45 minutes

For 2 to 8 people

The best nacho recipe for Super Bowl 2021 game day Source link The best nacho recipe for Super Bowl 2021 game day

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