The Best Desks: According to the CNET Staff Who Use Them

Back then – before the pandemic – many members of the CNET team were based in offices around the world. We all had a standard desk from a standard office supply store in our little cubicles. Trust me when I say they weren’t the best desks. However, as remote work became the norm rather than the exception, we all had the opportunity to choose the desk that was right for us.

Choosing the best desk for you can be difficult. You may not have much space or the space you have is oddly shaped. Many of us have had to squeeze “offices” into small nooks and crannies to make work from home a reality. Some of us needed desks that we could not only use with a laptop but also work on reviewing devices. Others took the opportunity to try to be healthier standing desks or hybrid desks. The type of desk you need depends on the environment you live in.

We’ve looked at the different desks the CNET team has created and put together our favorites for you. Some of the team chose badly – it happens, we are experts, but not infallible! – so we filtered out the ones that broke easily or were just too uncomfortable to use.


When I was looking to set up a home office after years of working at the kitchen table, I wanted a simple standing desk that looked good and was easy to use. This Fezibo model fits the bill – it wasn’t difficult to set up and includes buttons for three different programmable heights to suit your sitting and standing preferences.

This standing desk doesn’t have as many frills as some of the more expensive models, but it’s simple and clean-looking (I went for the all-white model) and feels sturdy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple standing desk option that gets the job done (and lets you work more comfortably).

– Alison DeNisco Rayome


I’ve spent a lot of time researching desks to figure out what works for the type of office I need in my remote worker life. With the convenience of the internet, I went to Amazon and searched for every desk you can think of: long, short, executive desks, everything. But when I came across CubiCubi’s modern L-shaped desk, I knew it was for me. Everything speaks for it.

At 59.1 inches, it has enough space for two monitors (and a desktop underneath) on one side and my work computer, portable monitor, charging station, Nintendo Switch and Yeti microphone on the other side. As I play and work it is important to have plenty of room to move between the two sections of this desk and I can do that with ease.

At only $130, this desk is by far the best purchase I’ve made since becoming a remote worker and YouTube gaming hobbyist. While I’m not a fan of the included fabric drawer, if you ditch it and buy an attachable one that works for you, you’ll find that this desk excels in both price and function.

-Robin Mosley


I wanted a standing desk but wanted more space than most of them offered. Luckily, Autonomous gives you a choice of three different desk sizes, and I went with the largest. It has dual motors so it goes up and down with ease, and it’s quiet enough that even during a work call I can easily switch positions without disturbing anyone.

Autonomous also makes a range of desk accessories, including a cable organizer that can be mounted underneath to keep things looking tidy. I’ve been using the desk for almost four years at this point and (aside from scratching it when I moved house last year) it still looks brand new. It has plenty of space so I can store my large ultra-wide monitor on top of a riser in the back and have room on each side for speakers and more.

It was an investment but has held up well and I would definitely buy another if this one stopped working properly.

– Jared DiPane


When I first started looking for a gaming desk, I knew I would need something big to hold my gaming PC and the monitors I use every day. At 60 inches (5 feet), this desk by Eureka has room for everything I need, including the extra laptop I now have for work.

It also has cool RGB lights around the edge and comes with a headphone hook, cup holder, giant mouse pad and stand for your controller. The cup holder is a great touch as I tend to wipe my cup or can when I’m gaming. This way if I knock my drink over, it won’t spill over my electronics.

– James Bricknell

Seville classic

My wife and I bought these desks when we moved into our house and they were great. I needed a large and comfortable place for my keyboard, mouse, ultrawide monitor and microphone and this did the trick. My wife now has the smaller version of this glass top desk and it works well for her too.

My only complaint is that I had to learn how to better manage cables to allow the desk to transition from sitting to standing mode comfortably. I ended up buying some cable runs manage under the desk and a monitor armwhich also made a big difference in freeing up desk space.

– Ian Sherr

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The Best Desks: According to the CNET Staff Who Use Them Source link The Best Desks: According to the CNET Staff Who Use Them

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