The Best Cities in America for Cannabis Vacation

Are you looking for a vacation spot where smoking marijuana is accepted? We’ve compiled the top 5 US states and international destinations with greatest number of smokers per capita. For those who love cannabis, these places will make your next getaway even better!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a lot of things to offer for weed pilgrims. We can easily say that LA is the mecca, or at least one if its many great cities with marijuana-friendly environments in The United States! You will find there are plenty of cannabis experiences available from dining on an unforgettable meal together while sampling excellent products paired with wine – just what every stoner needs before they go back home after vacationing/working their way up through various ranks within this industry–to enjoying your favorite type(s) via coffee shop visits daily coupled with social media posts about events happening near you so don’t miss out!! There’s no shortage accommodations either; since lots oe 420 friendly Airbnbs have popped up around town. Also, you can order your favorite edibles and flowers online from when you are staying in LA.

Las Vegas

It’s been two years since weed was legalized in Nevada, and the culture of 420 has only spread. With great restaurants that offer delicacies from all over the world just waiting for your taste buds to explore them, you’ll be able to indulge on a variety most people never see!


Denver is the place to go for weed enthusiasts. The city has more than 150 dispensaries and offers a wide variety of activities that will leave you coming back again and again: whether it’s rolling joints on scenic spots like mountain tops or enjoying museum trips with friends after smoking sessions, there’s something in Denver just right for everyone!

San Francisco

When it comes to weed activism, San Francisco is among the first cities that come to mind. The city has been at the forefront of legalizations for years now and continues its work by being home-to some pretty damn friendly dispensaries with plenty around town you can find your 420 fix from!


Portland has made it on the way to becoming a star of weed culture. The city offers every type of activity like art classes and cannabis aerobics (yes, there is such thing). If you are looking for culinary experiences Portland will be right up your alley because they have some great restaurants with unique menus that specialize in marijuana-influenced food!

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