The Augustinus Bader Light Cream Is a Game-Changer for Oily Skin

Among the many truths I have accepted about life, one of them is my super oily skin. The earth is round, the sun rises from the east and my face resembles an oil spill in the afternoon. My obesity is partly due to genetics – my dad’s side has acne prone skin – and partly prescription tretinoin a use that does help eliminate aches but also dries my face and makes my skin overcompensated with excessive oil production.

Buying oil moisturizers can be tricky. I need something that deeply moisturizes my skin and removes flakes and dry spots, but isn’t super greasy or heavy. It should also wear well below makeup– Some moisturizers may prevent products such as concealer and make-up cream from melting into the skin, causing the makeup to penetrate or slip off. Most importantly, it needs to regulate my oiliness with ingredients that help dim and control afternoon fat attacks.

I’ve heard of magic Augustine Baderin Cream after its debut. Its loved by a celebrity and Glamor-admitted, so I was excited to try it when I got it in my hands. While I loved the smoothing benefits and instant glow I got from The Cream, I thought the texture was too heavy for my oily skin. But it seems that my (and probably many others) prayers have been heard by Augustine Bader’s experts. The brand has just released a new version of its cult moisturizer – The Light Cream – and it is made especially for people with oily skin.

Augustinus Bader Light cream

As the name suggests, Light cream is a lighter version of The Cream, but offers the same deep hydration and anti – aging result. It features Augustinus Bader’s own Trigger Factor Complex 8 (TFC8) technology, a patented cocktail containing over 40 different ingredients, full of vitamins and amino acids. But what sets The Light Cream apart from other powerful herbal ingredients like rice bran oil, baobab leaf extract and Australian lemongrass extract that help control tallow and oil. It is also completely vegan and contains no gluten, parabens, fragrance and sulfates.

When I first tried The Light Cream, I immediately noticed a difference between the two compositions. Unlike The Cream, which is thick and opaque, The Light Cream is a hybrid of moisturizer and serum with a more liquid composition. When applied to my face, my skin literally drank the product. I was shocked at how deeply moisturized my skin was, removing dry patches and flakes, but left no trace of oiliness or excess oil. My skin looked matte and glowing, but it still felt full and moisturized.

Augustine Bader

The Augustinus Bader Light Cream Is a Game-Changer for Oily Skin Source link The Augustinus Bader Light Cream Is a Game-Changer for Oily Skin

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