The 10 best gifts you can still get in time for Father’s Day in L.A.

You did it again. Father’s Day was approaching (Sunday, June 20th) and I completely forgot about my dear dad. Well, don’t forget him exactly. It’s like forgetting to order a fine marble mail order steak, a monogram bowling ball, or a customized photo-realistic bowling head doll in a timely manner.

Please do not sweat. Here are some last-minute options you can pick up (or deliver to the door) around LA in time to give him a handsome and compassionate gift at Sunday’s brunch. (It’s a branch that’s likely he’s picking up a tab anyway.)

Leather cast iron grip

John Cho Moore’s leather cast iron grip allows you to cook with cast iron without burning your hands.


Dad probably spent a lot of time cooking indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, he has Cuisinart. And you gave him a salad spinner at the age of twelve. Is it appropriate to give him another cookware? Okay. John Chomua’s 10-ounce leather cast iron grip is not negligible. The leather handle of the grip, handmade in San Francisco, is 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide and can be easily molded into a frying pan, making it easy for the chef to move from the stove to the tabletop with easy choreography. $ 23. Available in black and light brown. Heath Ceramics, 7525 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles. heathceramics.com

Men’s blue boy socks

Green socks with the image of a man in blue clothes.

Men’s socks celebrating Gainesborough’s “The Blue Boy”.

(Huntington Library, Museum, Botanical Garden)

Whether he works from home or in the office or goes to the Dodgers game, this “Blue Boy” sock is Thomas Gainsborough’s famous painting at The Huntington Library, A compassionate gift for art lovers. $ 12. You can buy it at the Huntington Library Gift Shop in San Marino. Note: You do not need to purchase admission to go to the gift shop. thehuntingtonstore.org/shop

BlueCut Indigo Selvage Apron

The man has a young child on his shoulder.

Bavel and Bestia’s Ori Menashe wear Blue Cut’s signature Mason Indigo apron. Dad can also do it.

(Katrina Frederick)

If enough for Chef Ori Menashe Babel And Bestia, that’s good for dad.Designed by a couple’s designer Chachiprasad and Karam Kim, The BlueCut apron is very similar to your favorite jeans in that it becomes more comfortable as the denim ages. (Hmm. Same as dad.) This denim apron has copper rivets on the edge of the pocket to hold a meat thermometer and tongs. It also has a removable antique brass clasp so your dad can easily get in and out of the apron. $ 85. BlueCut is only available online, but all aprons have a next-day delivery option available for last-minute shopping. And all BlueCut aprons are 20% off throughout Father’s Day. bluecutaprons.com

Weekender inflatable paddle board

Weekender inflatable paddle board

The Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board comes with a lightweight and adjustable paddle, carry bag, high pressure dual action pump, removable fins, leash and waterproof phone case.


Designed by Los Angeles-based Retrospec, the Weekender Inflatable Paddleboard is 10 feet long and weighs 17 pounds when fully inflated.Each paddle board comes with a lightweight adjustable paddle, carry bag, high pressure dual action pump, removable fins, leash and waterproof phone case in case your dad wants to send you a text message. Marina del Rey.. $ 349.99. At the moment there are only 3 colors, but 5 colors are available. retrospec.com

Valerie confectionery

Valerie Confections offers a variety of chocolates.

Various chocolates from Valerie Confections.

(Kirk McCoy / )

Los Angeles chocolatier Valerie Gordon and partner Stanwaitman Jr. began making their own chocolates in 2004 from a small storefront in historic Filipino Town. Today, they have expanded to food and pastries, but chocolates, including toffees soaked in the original chocolate, remain their signature. For Father’s Day, Valerie Confections ranges from a $ 38 truffle box to a gift-wrapped bittersweet petit four and truffle box in an ivory box with a brown satin ribbon. We offer an assortment of two chocolates. (If your dad is more thankful for handmade gifts, try Gordon Peanut crumble and chocolate chip banana bread. ) Valerie Confections Father’s Day Chocolate Gift Set, $ 38- $ 125. valerieconfections.com

Higher standard X Revelry Stowaway

A rectangular black bag with a pouch with side zips.

Deodorant high level X Revelry Stowaway.

(Higher standard)

Does the father’s appearance in your life tend to prefer exciting pots? Perhaps he can use a deodorant bag like the Higher Standards X Revelry Stowaway bag ($ 50). It’s an 11 x 6 x 5 inch discreet carrier with a rubber lining and a three-layer carbon filtration system that absorbs odors from severely sticky to spilled brut bottles. Is designed to be.The· Collaboration between high-end tool maker Higher Standards and Revelry Supply Includes zippered pouch ($ 30), crossbody bag ($ 55) and backpack ($ 80).Available At the flagship store of the high standard Malibu Village, 3826 Cross Creek Road, Malibu. highstandards.com

Dad Grass’s “Daddy Chill” bucket hat and pre-rolled hemp joint

Two beige bucket hats with red letters "Papatil" Next to the box and 5 pre-rolled hemp joints.

Papa Glass “Papa Chill” Bucket Hat and Hemp CBD Preroll 5 Pack.

(Dad glass)

If you had official patriarchal headgear, it could probably be a bucket hat. LA-based hemp supplier Dad Grass (slogan: “Low dose, full talk, as parents smoked”) acknowledged it and took it up a notch, with a joint stashing loop on one side. We offer a limited edition beige version with it. Designer Mark McNary manually pressed the word “Daddy Chill” around the crown.Part of the brand’s 2021 pride promotion and 100% of its revenue $ 42 lid Donated to LGBTQ + civil rights organizations Equality California..

Only available online, but according to Team Dad Grass, delivery in the LA area takes about 3 days, so we still have time.Maybe throw while you are in it 5 packs of pre-rolled CBD-rich hemp flower joints ($ 35) With less than 0.3% THC, it can be legally shipped almost anywhere in the United States. dadgrass.com

Reyn Spooner Surfin’Snoopy Hawaiian shirt and matching mask

Aloha shirt with a cartoon pattern of peanuts next to two similarly patterned face masks.

Reyn Spooner Limited Edition Surfin’Snoopy Hawaiian Shirt, Left, Peanut Themed Matching Mask.

(Reyn Spooner)

The Reyn Spooner website has a lot of Aloha-printed shirt and mask combinations for your dad (shipping options include FedEx overnight), but it’s a limited edition. Surfin’Snoopy Spooner Kloth Shirt ($ 119.50) and mask ($ 15.99) Pair a tugboat with a heartstring for two reasons. First, Snoopy and Woodstock will kick in back, catch in wave, and generally revin it in Waikiki on the print, and-maybe we’re reading this too much-the beagle is always A bird that looked like a substitute father for it.Second, part of the revenue from the sale of Surfin’Snoopy face masks Honolulu Schliners Children’s Hospital..

Three Weavers Day Job Pale Ale

Is your pop hop head? You might then consider scoring him with fresh Shippin foam from a local craft brewery. The Three Weavers website simplifies the process and allows you to order online and choose a convenient date and time to swing at the Inglewood Brewery to take advantage of the ale. (The site also offers a minimum of 24 can shipping options, and some styles of 6 packs can be ordered at DoorDash.)

There are many things that please your paternal taste (including limited releases such as the Earl Gray latte-inspired ale called Inglewood Fog), but why not get your dad? Day job (Or 6) This Father’s Day — Is it one of the core products of the year? Hop forward pale ale brewed with Idaho 7, Citra and Chinook hops (starting at $ 12.50 per 6 packs). Three Weavers Brewing Co., 1031W. Manchester Boulevard AB, Inglewood. threeweavers.la

Vilebrequin’s father and son swimming pants

Men and boys surfing in yellow swimming pants with a blue octopus printed on them.

Vilebrequin Matching 2014 Poulpes swims trunks for kids and men.


Founded in 1971 in St. Tropez, this swimwear brand has a long tradition of making minimalist versions of popular, boldly patterned, often limited edition swimwear. So if you want to look forward to this summer with a heartwarming visual of a dad and kid walking along the beach in the same trunk, stop by one of two local stores (one at 9519 Wilshire Blvd). .. At the foot of Rodeo Drive, the other is at 101 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, with a set of men’s ($ 270- $ 305) and children’s ($ 135- $ 145) swimming pants. I will receive it. vilebrequin.com

The 10 best gifts you can still get in time for Father’s Day in L.A. Source link The 10 best gifts you can still get in time for Father’s Day in L.A.

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