Texas-style barbecue with a SoCal twist in San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano, CA-Would you like to head to Orange County for the latest barbecue joints? Then expect a long and friendly procession to welcome you.

Lookout Texas. Heritage barbecue Creating a unique tasting that rivals some of the best barbecue joints in Lone Star is definitely worth the wait.

“I was hoping to draw a line. Yes, absolutely,” said Bishop Rei of Rancho Cucamonga.

Nick Echaole, Executive Chef at Heritage BBQ, said:

Remember Alamo, as the Heritage BBQ is conveniently located across the street. Correction, remember Mission San Juan Capistrano.

“San Juan is a really big horseback riding town, but it still has the atmosphere of a small town, reminiscent of a small town in Texas,” said Daniel Castillo, chef and owner of Heritage BBQ.

After completing the Texas-style barbecue, Castillo and Echaore have evolved the menu into a more Central Coast Santa Maria-style flavor.
And like any other barbecue joint, you always rate the restaurant with the taste of brisket.

“Like a real legitimate Texas barbecue, the only other place I had was Austin, Texas,” said Jessica Custódio of Chicago.

“I actually went to school in East Texas, so I actually barbecue from West Texas, East Texas, and South Texas, but this barbecue is certainly a winner,” said Holly Holly of Chino Hills. Hitzemann said.

The big taste is in the Texas style part, so get bigger or go home.

“It’s my first barbecue experience when I watch it on TV or on the internet. It’s literally the first time I’ve seen a barbecue,” says Suresh Chekuri. Orange.

“We are really trying to bring all the heritage to what we are doing here,” Castillo said.

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