Texas State holds off Little Rock in series opener, 3-2

Steven Trout was not sure what he was going to do when he came out on the embankment.

Despite the 23 mph winds blowing from the southeast – optimal conditions for a striker inside the Bobcat Ballpark – the original Texas pitcher Zeke Wood was playing one of the best games of his life. He did not give a single blow in his first six appearances in Friday night’s home game against Little Rock. He had not delivered a single blow in the first two outings of the seventh inning of the competition.

But after Wood left the double, putting the tie in place of the score, the coach of the Crimson and Gold had a decision to make.

“Really, we just paid attention to Wood’s command,” Trout said. “He started pulling some balls and losing points. It was only in (87) stadiums, which has been built to do that. But really and truly, the guy who was coming had a barrel (Wood) twice, hit a line up to the shortstop and then smoked a ball in the center. “

Trout did it, taking out the lower right hand reliever Triston Dixon. He played for the team in the end as No. 17 Texas State held the Trojans to a 3-2 victory.

“You know, we liked the match with Dixon,” Trout said. “And it’s just one of those bowel movements that really worked. And so I’m glad it happened because Zeke really deserved this victory. “

Senior short-term Dalton Sheffield entered the first early, causing the ball to drop an inch into the right-hand line for a triple – the 11th in Sheffield’s career, equaling the program record. The youngest hit striker Jose Gonzalez brought him home with a left-field sacrifice in the next at-bat, creating a 1-0 advantage.

No team scored in the next five innings. No Little Rock runner reached the second base through the first six participants with Wood on the embankment.

But as Wood approached the 80 pitches thrown in the seventh inning, he also began to run out of steam. He walked the first bat he saw in full measurement. The next blow swayed to the first court he saw, but landed in a double play, clearing the bases. The Trojans finished the effort without hitting the next at-bat, bouncing a double from the left wall of the center.

Trout chose to pull Wood off the embankment in favor of Dixon. Wood finished the night allowing one hit, three walks and no running while scoring three.

“I was just trying to command stadiums and execute,” Wood said. “And I knew it would be a difficult day to fight the wind. “But I just had to be patient and try to get out.”

“I tried to stay in there. You know, I got the baby out and I knew I could do it. But Trouty made, you know, just a decision that was a better fight and you know, I agree. I did not want to get out of this situation, but it worked out for me. “Dixon did what he does.”

Dixon forced a pitch to withdraw from the side. Second baseman Cameron Gibbons led with a base that hit the middle of the bottom box and senior center forward Isaiah Ortega-Jones left a sacrificial tip to take him to second place. Senior left-back Ben McClain sent a fly to the left center, allowing Gibbons to tag up. But the throw in the third hit Gibbons in the back as he slipped in, giving him time to turn the corner and pass the plate for the second score of the match.

The visitors scored the first streak of the game at the top of the eighth, but the hosts added a series of lower assists to a single RBI from junior catcher Peyton Lewis to stay ahead of Little Rock 2-1.

Trout called Tristan Stewors to finish the job. Stivors, who had won a bounce earlier in the week against UTSA on Tuesday, got off to a hard start with his relief appearance, delivering a solo home run on the first bat he saw and walking on the next to put the game on hold. on the basis.

However, it did not bother him much, as Stivors launched the last three batters he faced for his ninth save of the season and the second of the week, giving the Texas State a 3-2 victory.

“(Stivors) just started locating, you know, and that’s the key with him,” Trout said. “He has very good things, but when you do not find him, the children can do it, especially on a night like today. So he started throwing his breaking ball. Even when he was working back, he went back to counting and started making real quality pitches and performing. So, when he gets both balls, it is very difficult to face him “.

Sheffield and Gibbons scored 2-4 on set tonight. Wood took the victory, improving to 4-1 a year.

The Bobcats (30-9, 13-3 Sun Belt), now in a seven-game winning streak, will continue their streak against the Trojans (16-17, 6-9) on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The teams will complete the series on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Texas State holds off Little Rock in series opener, 3-2 Source link Texas State holds off Little Rock in series opener, 3-2

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