Testimony resumes in Kristin Smart case preliminary hearing after week off

Testimony resumed on Monday at a preliminary hearing by Paul and Ruben Flores. Two men were charged in 1996 in connection with the disappearance of Karpol student Christine Smart.

Smart was finally seen walking back to the dorm with Paul Flores after attending an off-campus party.

Her body has not been found, but Christine was declared legally dead in 2002.

Paul has been charged with her murder. His father, Ruben, has been charged as an accessory.

Monday’s testimony began with a cross-examination of Jennifer Hudson, who first ran for August 12.

At that time, she heard in court that Paul Flores used derogatory terms to refer to Christine Smart in 1996, saying, “I finished playing with her and put her under the lamp of Huasna. I put it in. ” She said she didn’t talk to law enforcement agencies about it until she talked to Sheriff San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Clint Cole in 2019.

The defense wondered why she waited so long. Hudson said she had no reliance on her, and she was herself, adding that at the age of 17, everyone would be afraid.

The defense also questioned how Hudson remembered the conversation 25 years ago, but not 18 months ago.

“I think no one in this court will forget such a conversation,” Hudson said.

Det. Cole also returned to the stand on Monday.

He discussed several recent interviews with former Ruben Flores tenant David Stone.

Stone reportedly lived in Arroyo Grande for 10 years and moved at the end of January 2020 due to higher rents.

Det. Cole said Stone told him that he had heard Ruben call Christine Smart a “dirty taunt.”

He also told the detective that Ruben said no when there was a plumbing problem and the plumber needed to go under the house.

He reportedly wasn’t allowed under the deck, except for two empty 55-gallon drums under the deck, but Ruben told him to move them two weeks later. I asked.

Ruben’s lawyer, Harold Mesic, pointed out that the grid gate was unlocked and was dead. Cole agreed.

Stone also reportedly told Debt. Calls that dogs on the premises often went under the deck.

Detective Cole said Stone said nothing negative about Ruben.

The preliminary hearing began on Monday, August 2.

The court was not in session last week.

The prosecution is expected to close witnesses soon. The defense then has the opportunity to call their witnesses.

Paul Flores has been detained in San Luis Obispo County Jail without bail since he was arrested in April. Ruben was also arrested in April but is currently on bail.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

Testimony resumes in Kristin Smart case preliminary hearing after week off Source link Testimony resumes in Kristin Smart case preliminary hearing after week off

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