Terrified woman woken up by two BEARS fighting in her garage as shocking video shows vicious face-off

A BONE woman has been awakened by two bears roaring in her garage.

Shocking images showed the animals fighting in a carport in Lake Tahoe, California.


Footage shows the bears squaring before they fightCredit: Facebook
The animals rode on each other and collided.


The animals rode on each other and collided.Credit: Facebook

The terrifying Lisa Quick captured the dramatic moment on her Ring-door camera.

The animals squared off before colliding and colliding with each other.

Video shows the bears as they collide in equipment in the garage.

Quickly told ABC7 that she woke up with a “strange growling” sound and immediately realized that it was a bear.

She thought there might have been a bear and a raccoon, or a bear and coyote.

Quick said she screamed and her dogs started barking before rushing to break the fight.

Meanwhile, dramatic images gained through showed a mother bear opening a car door in Lake Tahoe as she tried to find food for her puppies.

In February, a 500lb animal was named Hank the Tank escaped death cell after allegedly breaking into more than two dozen homes in California since July.

Police in South Lake Tahoe shared images of the bohemian who enters one house through a window.

Locals described Hank as a gentle giant who was constantly hungry.

IN mother and her three-year-old daughter were injured by a bear in Tennessee.

The animal was shot Sunday in the family’s tent in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Park officials said the mother and her children suffered “superficial scratches” on their heads.

The father was finally able to scare the bear out of his family.

Wildlife biologists eventually caught the bear and were then euthanized a day later, according to the National Park Service.

On May 20 a husband and wife killed a bear that had broken into their Wisconsin home while their children were sleeping.

BEAR attack

They were bitten several times when they tried to repel the animal.

The man shot the bear dead after stabbing him with a kitchen knife.

They think the bear entered the house after being charged through a window.

The couple told police they had seen the animal outside its home eating from a bird feeder and shouted at it in an attempt to scare it away.

In November, John Holden, from Sierra Madre, California, was shocked when he saw a brown bear nibbling on an amer of KFC chicken.

He found the animal sitting on his worksheet in the kitchen and helped himself to the leftovers from fast food.

He told ABC7: “I have had many other encounters with her. I have actually had a few against her [of] times in the backyard, but absolutely never in the house like that.

“That was something else and they really made a mess of the place.”

He suspected that the bear was lured into his house by the smell of the chicken herbs.

And, he said the bear stayed in his garden for a while after he got away.

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Terrified woman woken up by two BEARS fighting in her garage as shocking video shows vicious face-off Source link Terrified woman woken up by two BEARS fighting in her garage as shocking video shows vicious face-off

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