Teresa Giudice: I Don’t Want Melissa Gorga as a Bridesmaid, Sorry!

Despite everything that has been said Luis of RuelasTeresa Giudice is serious about this engagement.

Shell go to war with people questioning the relationship, and he is already planning a wedding.

This week, Tre revealed that Melissa Gorga – her son – has not been called a bridesmaid.

Melissa says it suits her … because Teresa “would have dressed me in an ugly dress anyway.”

Teresa Guidice was the guest See what’s happening livewhere she revealed that she has “eight” bridesmaids.

Guest Loni Lové apparently had a follow-up question: which of Teresa’s actresses would be a bridesmaid?

Teresa revealed that none of them – including her mother Melissa.

The audience was audibly amazed by the news.

Teresa, who seemed to think it wasn’t a big deal, asked that no one blow it up disproportionately.

Andy defended the audience, pointing out that they were a reactive crowd … honestly reacting to the big news.

What was even more amazing was that Teresa had not told Melissa this in person.

She was already at the point where she was ready to choose floral arrangements (no less with the esteemed floral designer Preston Bailey).

Somehow weird that someone close to you doesn’t know yet that she’s not part of your wedding party, right?

It wasn’t all that went on in the episode, including Teresa talking about her guided hallucinatory “journey” that saw Andy Cohen as a guest at her wedding.

(Apparently he chose hallucinations as a way to help him decide to have a wedding in New Jersey instead of Italy.)

Loni had also got the impression that Andy had been dating Sarah Jessica Parker at some point, which was … a lot to unwind for everyone.

Meanwhile, Melissa was talking about the revelation about her Melissa Gorga on display podcast.

“I learned on TV that I wasn’t going to be at Teresa’s wedding,” he admitted.

“And,” Melissa confirmed to the audience, “I’m not a bridesmaid.”

This means that Melissa did not know in advance, but Teresa did not contact her until she saw the episode.

(At best, that means he watched live)

“I understand,” Melissa said, adding, “Everyone has their own.”

“She probably would have put me in an ugly dress anyway,” Melissa then joked halfway.

She admitted that she had “pretty much assumed” that she would not become a bridesmaid.

Whether that’s true, or just something he said to cover up hurt feelings, no one can guess.

Melissa speculated that Teresa’s choice as a bridesmaid might have been just her four daughters.

Alternatively, it can be weird if Teresa’s new cousins ​​are bridesmaids, but Melissa isn’t.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t sound like they talked at all during the couple of days between Teresa’s revelation and Melissa’s podcast. Embarrassing!

Choosing a wedding party is complicated and not everyone can be pleasant.

The lack of communication on this seems to suggest that there is drama in the background … or one of them is really bad at recovering text messages.

Perhaps Teresa’s choices will be easier to understand as this season progresses. Or maybe they look so weird.

Teresa Giudice: I Don’t Want Melissa Gorga as a Bridesmaid, Sorry! Source link Teresa Giudice: I Don’t Want Melissa Gorga as a Bridesmaid, Sorry!

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