Tentative Contract Agreement Avoids Southern California Grocery Strike

Vons Grocery. Photo: Alexander Nguyen

A pilot agreement was reached Monday in negotiations between the union representing workers at the Southern California grocery store and the Ralphs and Albertson brands, including Food4Less, Vons and Pavilions, avoiding a possible strike.

“Once our members have had the opportunity to review and vote, we will publish more information about this historic and transformative agreement. “Nothing is final until our members decide,” according to a statement from the seven United Food and Commercial Workers International Union locals representing the workers.

“We are incredibly proud of our key members at the grocery store, whose hard work and determination to stand together and their willingness to fight for what they deserve has made this deal possible.”

Robert Brandon, Ralphs’ vice president of operations, also welcomed the deal, which came after months of negotiations.

“We are pleased that this agreement allows us to put more money into our partners’ salaries and secures health care and retirement plans,” Brandon said.

Union officials said they were seeking a wage increase of $ 5 an hour, gradually over the next three years, along with enhanced safety standards and an “adequate timetable and hours”.

Ralphs said Friday that its proposal included total salary increases of $ 141 million over three years and no increase in health care premiums.

A three-year employment contract between grocery union workers and Southern California supermarkets expired on March 7. Employees continue to work under the terms of the previous contract.

Members of seven local UFCWs between Central California and the Mexican border voted “overwhelming” last month approves a strike.

Tentative Contract Agreement Avoids Southern California Grocery Strike Source link Tentative Contract Agreement Avoids Southern California Grocery Strike

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