Tarot Card Reading: Everything You Need to Know (Beginners’ Guide)

For centuries, tarot has been used as a tool to manifest one’s intuition.

Known as an ancient item of divination, a deck of tarot can connect spiritually with your inner soul, your awareness, and your spirit guides as well. It’s a way to bring out what is within onto the physical surface.

The imagery on each card contains a variety of layers related to querents. In other words, getting a tarot card reading will get you closer to the truth and clarity.

With a resurgence of tarot in the Aquarian Age, the practice of reading divine cards has become popular and developed widely until today. Nowadays you can easily sign up for tarot reading service online and receive insightful messages or predictions quickly.

In general, tarot is genuine guidance that can unleash you from stuck situations. Keep reading this guide for beginners to understanding tarot card reading.

2 BEST Tarot Card Reading Sites of 2021

When you feel uncertainty, you can ask for a little extra guidance from tarot card readings. This kind of service has become popular for years because it can bring insights, guidance, and clarity to your urgent issues.

Whether you are confused with your love life, with your decisions, or with all the burning questions, the interpretation of tarot cards can help you come up with reasonable decisions.

For those who are in need of a tarot card reading online, do you know which the right place to turn to is? Many reputable psychic sites to choose from, finding the best network for tarot readings seems to be a tough task. However, I can help you with this guide.

If you’re searching for the best tarot card readings with reasonable rates and great introductory offers, here are my top 2 recommendations:

Have a look at my brief review about these two sites:

1. Kasamba – Best for Tarot Cards and Cartomancy

Have unanswered questions in your life?

If you’re in need of some psychic advice, Kasamba is worth your consideration. This psychic website has over two decades of experience in giving tarot readings and other services. They’ve served more than 3 million clients over the globe.

This is what I like most when using Kasamba services:

  • 3 FREE minutes at the start of a session with every new psychic
  • Get a refund if you are not fully satisfied
  • One of a few sites offering tarot readings using email
  • Their tarot readers are well experienced, up to many decades

Kasamba has a wide range of services including tarot card reading. They also provide other kinds of psychic readings to assist customers with particular needs, such as astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, fortune telling, and consultations on life aspects (love, career, money, etc.)

All you need is to create a free account and then you can reach out Kasamba tarot readers for an instant connection.

Visit NOW for 3 FREE minutes

2. California Psychics – Best for Accurate Tarot Card Readings by Phone

California Psychics is still going strong after 25 years in the industry, and customers really love their services. Established since 1995, this psychic network has a huge collection of hundreds of psychics specialized in various topics to choose from.

Here is what I prefer most about California Psychics:

  • A tarot reading starts at only $1 per minute
  • All the conversations will be private and confidential
  • The service is delivered by phone, online chat, or mobile app
  • Each psychic has a full profile where you can check everything about their capacity including reviews and ratings

Aside from tarot card reading, California Psychics offer other spiritual readings with genuine guidance on your love life, relationships, finances, career, and future in general. Friendly navigation helps you select the right advisor suitable for your specific needs with ease.

Contact California Psychics for a tarot reading whenever you feel a bit out of balance and need profound advice.

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or CALL: +1-866-552-3943

7 Things to Know about Tarot Card Reading…

Have you always wanted to know about tarot reading?

In the following, we’ve prepared some answers to most frequent asked questions regarding these divine cards and their role in fortune-telling.

It’s no longer a surprise to have a daily tarot card these days. Some have a habit to get the ‘card of the day’ reading to manage their decisions on a daily basis. Both psychic networks mentioned above also offer services for tarot card readings.

1. What exactly is tarot reading?

Well, tarot card reading is a common method in which a fortune teller will answer one’s questions using tarot cards. In some cases, they will also counsel that person on their pressing concerns. Back to the past, this divination tool was actually used for games only. However, things change in the modern day and it’s estimated that there are thousands of tarot readers all over the globe.

Many psychic advisors prefer to use tarot cards while delivering their readings as they believe the power of this tool can enhance and strengthen the sessions. Aside from the original deck, tarot has lots of different forms for selection. The card readers can pick the most suitable deck to them and be more creative with their interpretations.

When you need answers to your urgent questions or spiritual guidance, don’t hesitate to get one tarot reading.

2. Who is tarot reader?

According to Melissa Vieira, an in-house tarot reader, being a tarot reader is a wildest job. You will meet all kinds of people, from firm believers to skeptics. Because of the stereotypes, some underestimate the true purpose of a tarot reader. That’s why many work hard to prove that all misconceptions about tarot are wrong as well as to help heal vulnerable people.

The most important part of tarot reading is honesty and reliability.

Not only providing guidance to those who need, interacting with divine cards also allows tarot readers tap into the surrounding energies. They create a picture in your mind; by that, you can tune in to the spiritual forces and guide the querents in a cohesive way.

For your convenience, more and more tarot readers online or by phone are available to contact, but of course you need to make careful research before using their service.

3. What is yes/no tarot reading?

This kind of reading is for people having no time for a full-length session or just in need of a quick, general answer. When you ask for one yes/no tarot reading, the fortune teller will respond either a yes or a no to your yes or no question. If your chosen card appears upright or reversed, they also add a bit of explanation about your circumstance.

Don’t expect deeper meanings because a yes no answer doesn’t contain much information. Aside from yes and no, there are some special cards holding the maybe answer.

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4. What is Celtic Cross spread in tarot readings?

Like the 3-card spread, Celtic Cross is also a classic spread in tarot readings. Usually the readers will perform it for an in-depth interpretation. For beginners, this is the most basic spread including 10 cards that can provide comprehensive, straightforward answers to different questions and topics.

Very flexible, the famous Celtic Cross spread can be used even when you don’t have a particular question. Each card in a corresponding position allows you to view each certain aspect of a situation. By having this spread read, you will gain insights of any event likely to cross your path.

Nevertheless, as I said, this is a 10 card tarot spread so it seems to be quite complicated to work with, especially to tarot beginners. That’s why I think it’s necessary to examine this spread carefully before starting.

Overall, this is a useful spread with strong impact and good reason in the tarot community.

5. Is there any different between online tarot and in-person?

When it comes to the practice of tarot card reading, there is no difference between these two ways. Talking to a tarot reader over the phone or via chat online is as accurate and insightful as an in-person session. Some psychics may find it tricky to type the messages as they are not used to that, but this is not really a matter.

Nowadays most psychic networks have the rigorous screening process when hiring spiritual experts, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. Even if you are thousands of miles away from them, they can tune in to your energy and guarantee most satisfying readings.

Whether it’s through the phone, through online chat room, or in-person, the process is the same.

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6. How does a tarot card reading work?

From my experience, my tarot reading with my favorite tarot reader usually starts with them asking if there is any particular area I want them to focus on specifically and provide guidance. Then, they start shuffling the deck and lay out a certain number of cards on the table to do the spread.

Keep in mind that it’s not the tarot reader choose the cards; spiritually, the higher forces select them instead. In other general readings, you can draw out the cards if being asked.

Tarot readers will interpret the cards based on both the traditional meanings and also specific messages from spirit. In a reading, they may explain several cards additionally to complement the spread’s meaning.

7. Can tarot cards predict your future?

Melissa said ‘yes’ and also added that giving future predictions using tarot cards is one of fun parts of a reading. The reader will inform the client about events or opportunities awaiting you in the future. Plus, future predictions also reveal things which perhaps block your path ahead and solutions as well.

While it’s fun to know your future, don’t get disappointed or upset if those predictions are not like what you expect. Nothing is always good; therefore, follow the guidance and solutions from tarot cards with an open mind to gain back your happiness.

The appearance of tarot will empower and enlighten both your mind and spirit. More than predicting the future ahead, its deep meanings will give you the clarity leading you to the ultimate contentment.

Is tarot card reading accurate?

In general, most tarot readings are accurate. Sometimes I’m even surprised with its accuracy. But, of course, because of free will of everyone and also timelines, changes will happen. Thus, you can consider getting one daily reading per day.

5 Tarot Tips Needed for Beginners

Tarot is approachable to all people.

If you want to learn how to read tarot, this guide can help you read the divine cards with confidence. Don’t force or push yourself too much in the first time, or you may lose your passion and end up giving up.

Once committing to a tarot deck, you may think there are up to 78 cards and how it is possible to learn the meanings of them all, not only in the upright position but also when they are reversed. In addition, when those cards interact with one another, they will deliver different meanings.

You think a booklet for beginners will be a big help, but well it’s not really helpful if you don’t have any basic knowledge about tarot reading. Rather than getting discouraged quickly, you better check my top _ tarot tips here.

Believe it or not, the information below can make the process of learning tarot easier.

1. Choose a tarot deck you like

The very first tip for all beginners is to use a deck that you truly like.

If you’ve made research about tarot beforehand, you might have read some common myths revolving around it. The biggest one is that starters cannot buy their own tarot cards. I was told the same thing when first started learning about this topic. After that, I waste months practicing reading a deck that I feel zero connection with.

Some archaic rules also mentioned that one can read tarot card correctly if they spend their own money for the deck.

I have to say this myth is totally not true, guys.

You can buy a deck with a style most suitable for you. These days, there are many tarot decks available on the market that fit every interest. Therefore, you must choose carefully. Working with a deck that speaks to you can enhance the connection between you and tarot cards and help make heart-led decisions. You can create a deck of your own (if possible).

2. Create a personal connection with tarot cards

To gain the most from a tarot reading, you must develop a strong connection to the tarot. When I started learning this kind of ancient practice, I’ve tried reading quite lots of Tarot books and memorizing the meanings. Do you think that it worked? Not really, actually it’s not helpful at all. I forgot everything and even felt not connected with those divine cards.

As failure leads to success, I decided to change my learning method. I began interacting with my tarot deck on a personal level. Until today, I’ve been still spending 10-15 minutes a day to shuffle the cards. For all beginners, the goal is to get comfortable when working with tarot.

Don’t let anyone else touch your deck except when they have to draw out some cards. Why? The reason is that your tarot cards are embraced by your energy, and it’s not good for them to get influenced by others’. Being the only person having contact with your cards will strengthen the connection.

Have a one-card spread reading every day to know how your day is personally and improve your intuitive insights.

3. Read the picture in each card

If you want to understand what the cards’ mean, you must have a glimpse at the imagery on display.

  • What is happening in the card?
  • Why is it occurring?
  • What does the story imply about your life at the moment?
  • What solutions does it hold?

Once you know the meaning behind the card, let’s apply the information to your situation, the card reading progress will be much simpler. The best thing about this tip is that you don’t need to memorize details. If planning to read the picture, simply go with general meanings when observing the illustration in each card.

Keep in mind that all tarot cards have keywords unveiling the core meaning. But they do have contradictions depending on your situation and questions. Plus, each card will show up either upright or reversed in a spread which means the traditional meaning can slightly change.

I suggest you preparing a journal and writing down noticeable ideas about tarot (meanings, thoughts, etc.)

Have your tarot spread read online instantly!

4. Begin with a simple spread

As I always say, don’t push yourself too much from the beginning.

Many tarot starters told me that they were so eager to challenge themselves with a spread comprised of 10 cards. Well, that’s a big mistake and you shouldn’t copy that. To be good at reading tarot cards, let’s start with something simple.

Why don’t you read the one-card spread or 3-card spread first? Please note that practicing tarot is not about impressing anyone. It’s never a wise choice to show off your skills to friends and family when in fact your ability is still not on the good level.

Reading the tarot is not only about knowing the meaning of the cards; indeed, you must convey in-depth messages hidden from them to those you’re reading for. I recommend you to begin with a very simple spread in which you focus on small things while gaining your confidence.

Slowly yet steadily, you can even create your own tarot spread.

5. Read tarot for yourself

Before reading for anyone else, you should start with yourself.

Don’t mind those saying that you can’t read tarot for yourself. Why not, really? How can you shed light to others’ circumstances if you can’t do the same for yourself?

For centuries, tarot has been known as a powerful divination tool for self-reflection and personal development. If you look for the best clarity of yourself, give yourself a tarot reading. Spend 20-30 minutes each day doing a daily tarot session, and later you can understand yourself on a deeper level and learn tarot well.

Also, it’s totally fine to get help from tarot books and your journal if needed.

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Final Words

Tarot card reading has a great value in counseling and therapy.

The beautiful thing about tarot is that you can gain insights about your current situation as well as your past and your future via the imageries of those divine cards. They can uncover hidden parts of your life and empower you towards the path of happiness and peace.

If you want to gain the most in a tarot reading, keep in mind that having an open mind and listening to the guidance with your heart are the key.

Get your first reading and have fun!

Tarot Card Reading: Everything You Need to Know (Beginners’ Guide) Source link Tarot Card Reading: Everything You Need to Know (Beginners’ Guide)

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