Tamra Judge Undergoes Sixth Breast Surgery: The Implants Are OUT!

Orange County Real Housewife Alum Tamara Judge may be a little suspicious Sometimes.

Still, she keeps it a reality with her fans and lets them see inside her life even when the camera isn’t spinning.

Tamura recently had her chest surgery-not the first time.

She had the implant removed, and she already feels that way, so Much better.

This is the second time that 53-year-old RHOC Alum has had breast augmentation surgery.

Earlier this week, she had her fans see her post-operative recovery.

Her breasts are covered with bandages and drain bags.

Tamra Judge IG 01 or 04 after implant removal

“Implants and capsules have been removed,” Tamura announced on Tuesday, July 20.

“As expected, I felt tired and a little painful,” she explained.

Tamura predicted that: “I’m sure not exercising will be the most difficult part for me.”

“It may sound crazy, but today I woke up with rosy cheeks.

“There is no sinus congestion or happy thoughts,” she explained.

“We hope that over the course of the weeks, our health will continue to improve,” Tamura said.

Tamra Judge IG 02 or 04 after implant removal

Tamura received a home health check from her plastic surgeon, Dr. Millindo Ambe.

She reported to fans and followers that “everything looks great.”

Mr. Tamura added: “(Disclaimer-I have a fair amount of breast tissue, but what you are seeing is a swollen, two-layer padded bra and gauze)”

This removal was not casual.

Tamura, like many others, shared that he was experiencing the negative effects and illness of having an implant.

She teased to share more about this in September and asked her followers to “look forward” to learn more.

Tamra Judge IG After Implant-Removal 03 of 04

Tamura announced the reduction itself last month.

At that time, she shared that a decision was made because of the “autoimmune problem.”

“Bye bye gannet”, Tamura was equipped at that time before the pre-surgery appointment.

Tamura also invited followers of the time to share their story about removing implants.

From time to time, stars do this to promote engagement. At other times, they do it out of pure interest.

“I can’t wait!” Tamura wrote to a commenter. “I’m tired of fatigue and inflammation.”

Tamra Judge IG After Implant-Removal 04 of 04

Tamura is experiencing a large number of symptoms.

Thyroid problems, swelling of joints, malaise, bladder, sinuses, intestinal inflammation.

She attributed all of this to her implants … and science seems to support her.

Last fall, the FDA warned that breast augmentation surgery could pose a “serious or life-threatening risk.”

The government also instructed manufacturers to print warnings about this on product boxes.

For years, people who had implants before have warned that this can happen from time to time.

As already mentioned, Tamura has been on this path before.

In 2015, she confirmed that she had undergone some type of breast surgery five times since her early twenties.

Her first breast augmentation surgery was done after giving birth to her son Ryan Bees. That was 35 years ago.

After the birth of her 21-year-old son Spencer, she regained her breasts.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and post-pregnancy weight loss can all have real effects on the breast.

Tamura chose breast reduction and removed the implant in 2012. After that, she decided to replace the implant.

Tamra Judge Undergoes Sixth Breast Surgery: The Implants Are OUT! Source link Tamra Judge Undergoes Sixth Breast Surgery: The Implants Are OUT!

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