Tammy Slaton Promotes 1000-lb Sisters, Gives Fans Quite a Fright

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton have one very clear thing in common:

They are included in the series of 1000-lb Sisters.

Today, however, the comparison largely ends here.

In the eyes of TLC viewers, this has never been clearer than through a brand new ad image on reality TV with siblings side by side. Check it out here:

On the left is Amy, who has lost a few pounds in the last few years, especially due to an action she managed after losing a lot of weight alone and getting her eating and drinking habits under control.

Tammy though?

He has gone in a different direction.

The long-time true star (thanks to him) enrolled in a rehabilitation center in late 2021 and plans to stay there until this summer, sources confirm, when he finally dedicates himself to a real weight loss program.

Meanwhile, some fans looked at the photo at the beginning of this post and were concerned

“Amy looks great! She’s made a lot of progress, but Tammy has only gotten worse,” wrote one Reddit user, for example, while another said:

“You look good, Tammy, but you have to do better for yourself, your family, and your nephew!”

And the third just pointed out, “He’s fat again. I think so, at least.”

Tammy has shared several selfies since starting detoxification, but she hasn’t given very much information.

Hopefully this is because he is focused on health.

“I’d like to give you a weight loss update, but you have to wait for four seasons to come out. Sorry, Tammy said recently a curious follower who first referred to the date of the fourth season of production.

Sounds at least like that 1000-lb Sisters Season 4 is on the way.

Tammy stays quiet throughout detoxification, but in the meantime, Amy has kept fans up to date during her second pregnancy.

“26 weeks. It’s going so fast. I can’t wait for the baby boy to come here,” the expectant mother of a boy named Gage wrote last week.

He also posted a picture of the baby’s progress at six months from the app, revealing that the baby is now about 14 inches from head to toe … and weighs about 1 3/4 pounds.

The True Star added an explanation for the boy’s development at the time because he couldn’t hold back his enthusiasm.

The update was as follows:

“Your baby may now hear your voice. He will hear a wider range of sounds and may react to changes in heart, breathing, and movement.”

We’re so excited for Amy and her husband, and we can’t wait to get to meet her next bundle of joy!

Tammy Slaton Promotes 1000-lb Sisters, Gives Fans Quite a Fright Source link Tammy Slaton Promotes 1000-lb Sisters, Gives Fans Quite a Fright

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