Tammy Slaton: Banned from TikTok!

It hasn’t been many days since Tammy Slaton.

The 1,000-pound Sisters star has been at the rehabilitation center since the end of 2021, but that hasn’t stopped long-term reality stars from sharing multiple updates on social media.

For several months, Slaton released silly TikTok videos, even offered to tips along the way for season 4 recommended from its TLC series.

He seemed to be doing pretty well.

But the recent silence has worried fans.

Has anything happened to Tammy?

Late last year due to a serious medical crisis Slaton had to be placed in a medically induced coma, according to his brother and other close relatives who confirmed that Tammy’s lungs collapsed and the cable network personality stopped breathing at some point.

Really scary stuff.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, actress and sister Amy Slaton uploaded several pictures of her son Gage, who later read the Comments section and answered questions about the famous sibling.

“Is your sister okay? She hasn’t published in a while,” wrote one worried user.

“Yes, he was locked in his account and he had to set up new ones,” replied Amy, who added surprisingly:

“And Tikok denied him.”

Wow, huh?

It’s unclear what led to the ban, as Tammy usually only uses silly filters (see example below) and sometimes talks about 1000-lb siblings.

There is nothing that would lead to a ban from any platform, we cannot remember.

Tammy’s last post on Instagram was on March 14th.

Only about five weeks later, however, he browsed Facebook and assured fans on the site that he was doing well, given the circumstances of the rehabilitation and his aforementioned crisis a moment ago.

“Tammy [is] “Well,” the star himself wrote in mid-April when someone on Facebook asked him about the 1000-lb Sisters Group, which received more than 700 comments from viewers.

Slaton had called from time to time to make similar remarks.

For example, in March, a person at TikTok asked:

“When will the 4th season of 1000.-Lb Sisters come? I can’t wait to get to watch it! I love seeing your friend’s trip :)”

Slaton responded and seemed to confirm that new episodes were coming … at some point:

“We haven’t started filming Season 4 yet. It’ll be some time before it’s shown.”

First, Tammy needs to improve his health.

One day last year after weaning, the 35-year-old “stopped breathing,” his brother Chris said in the season 3 finals.

He was taken to the hospital and quickly put on a ventilator as well as a mentally induced coma.

“They didn’t know he would survive the night. Or will it survive the next hour,” Chris told viewers at the time.

Tammy Slaton: Banned from TikTok! Source link Tammy Slaton: Banned from TikTok!

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