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Every year, dozens of dogs end up in shelters after the July 4 fireworks.

If you are lucky, your dog does not react to the explosions and the squeaking whistles of the fireworks that start to celebrate the holidays. But for some dogs and other pets, the sounds can be frightening because of their sensitive ears.

Dogs kept outdoors or released often escape in panic from yards, dig down, pierce or jump over fences. In extreme cases, they can even pass through window screens, gates or screen doors to run. They are then in danger of being found in circulation, lost or even attacked by other animals.

At this point, their best bet is to pick them up by a neighbor or pet keeper so the owner can reclaim their pet.

“We suggest that if your dog has a problem with loud noises or if you are not sure how your dog will react, it should be kept indoors in the most soundproof room available to keep it safe and as quiet as possible.” said Kelly Campbell, the county’s director of animal services. “As a backup plan, in case it manages to escape, we recommend creating microchips in your pet.”

Pets that are microchip and licensed reunite with their owners much faster than those who are not. If your dog does not have microchips, residents in non-integrated areas can microchip their dogs for $ 20 at County’s two shelters in Carlsbad and Bonita by calling (619) 767-2675 for an appointment.

Some extra tips on how to protect your pet this July 4th:

  • Stay home with your dogs or put someone they like to stay with.
  • Do not take your pet to fireworks shows. Keep your pets indoors in a sheltered, quiet area.
  • Some dogs become destructive when frightened, so remove any dangerous objects that your pet may chew on.
  • If you can not stay with them, let a TV or radio play at normal volume to be with your pet while you are away.
  • Never leave pets outside unattended, even in a fenced yard. In their fear, pets that usually did not leave the yard may escape and get lost.
  • If you know that your pet is severely disturbed by loud noises such as thunder, consult your veterinarian to see if the stress reliever is appropriate.
  • Do not leave your pet in the car. With only hot air breathing in a car, your pet can suffer serious health and even death within minutes.
  • If you walk your dog near fireworks displays, make sure your pet is secured to a leash in case it tries to screw.

If you find a lost pet in the county that has not been incorporated into the county after the fireworks, call the County Animal Services 24-hour emergency number at (619) 236-2341 so the animal can be cared for at the shelter. If you lose your pet, check the section page lost and found In connection.

If you see that your dog is in County Animal Services, you can pick up your pet from 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday 5 July.

Take Care to Secure, Calm Your Pets During Fireworks | News Source link Take Care to Secure, Calm Your Pets During Fireworks | News

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