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Southern California is a great place to explore, but there’s more to see when heading to the West Coast. A drive to Northern California will bring you to a variety of attractions to see this year, including the famous bridges, haunted houses, and even the famous California wine country. Celebrate National Lead Roadmap Day by driving from Los Angeles to Napa Valley at these fun stops. The adventure is there-all you need to do is follow these ideas to stop when driving from Los Angeles to Napa Valley.


Solvang is one of the first hit cities on the way out of Southern California. Known for its Danish architecture and many wineries, restaurants and bakeries that add to the Nordic environment. Don’t forget to go-karting to explore the city, stop by locals to eat and drink, and head to the famous American Ostrich Land. This is one destination that you can enjoy even more during the day or throughout the weekend.

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Big sur

Continue your road trip to Central California and you’ll find a series of roads called Big Sur. When you reach the famous Bixby Creek Bridge, get out of the car and stretch your legs to take a picture. This area is perfect for anyone who wants to camp, hike, visit the beach, or take a nice photo to remember their 2021 road trip.

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Winchester Mystery House

They don’t call it Winchester Mystery House for no reason. Long ago, Sarah Rockwood Paldy Winchester was the owner of the infamous Haunted Mansion. Winchester bought this eight-bedroom home in San Jose, California, after losing his child and husband. She then began the world’s most important renovation of the house, ending when she died in 1922. This house is available for tours where you can find doors leading to the outside of the upper floors, doors leading to brick walls, and other strange hidden doors. Doors and traps for ghosts she was told to haunt ghosts.

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Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is a famous landmark in the bay that stretches 1.7 miles over the Pacific Ocean. The experience of driving across the bridge is a must-see when visiting San Francisco. Once you’ve got over it, visit many of the Golden Gate perspectives and take pictures that show a tough road trip. The Bay Area is known for its attractions such as Pier 39 in the Bay, Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Park.

Napa Valley

Just north of San Francisco is California’s famous wine country, Napa Valley. For those who enjoy red and white glasses, this is a spot for you to enjoy. At this tourist destination, visitors from all over the world can enjoy drinks and wine at over 500 wineries. Hundreds of miles of hillside vineyards are more than just wineries, including gourmet dishes such as the Oxbo Public Marche and the Napa Valley Wine Train locomotives. Ride all the destinations on this California top road trip.

Take a road trip from Los Angeles to Napa Valley with these fun stops – San Bernardino Sun Source link Take a road trip from Los Angeles to Napa Valley with these fun stops – San Bernardino Sun

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