Suspect in fatal shooting of Pomona officer says he didn’t know police were at door – Daily Bulletin

A San Gabriel man accused of shot to death a Pomona SWAT officer who was serving a search warrant in 2014 said he thought it was other members of the Mongolian motorcycle club trying to break into his parents’ home, without the barrel of a gun pointed at his father and fired a 12 shotgun to defend. his family.

David Martinez testified during his second trial on Tuesday, July 19, that he saw no one and had fired a shotgun at the area of ​​dark sky he saw when the door opened. The defense called it a warning shot.

Officer Shaun Diamond was shot in the back of the neck and Martinez’s father, Arturo, was shot in the arm on Oct. 28, 2014. Diamond, 45, died the next day at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.

At the time of the shooting, Martinez believed police had also fired. But the prosecution had emphasized for a long time opening statements in April that none of the officers fired their weapons.

“I heard my dad screaming. “The police shot me!” he said. A few seconds later, he saw someone wearing a green dress.

“I was shocked,” Martinez said. He dropped the gun and lay on his stomach with his arms out, palms down. He apologized.

“I told them, ‘Don’t shoot. There are kids in the house. I’m sorry, I didn’t know,'” Martinez said.

He also told police he thought they were Mongolians.

On October 28, 2014, a multi-agency operation targeting the Mongols motorcycle club served several warrants in different locations on the same day. Pomona SWAT served the search warrant at Martinez’s home in the 100 block of San Marino Avenue.

Martinez said he went to bed shortly after 3:30 a.m. He later felt the window shake and thought it was his father getting up to go to work. A few seconds later, he heard a noise.

“So I jumped up. I grabbed the rifle by the side of the bed,” he said.

He headed for the front door, where he thought someone was coming in. He said the sound became louder and more frequent. He said the family’s dogs were barking.

Martinez said he did not hear the officers say, “police” or “search warrant.” He ran down the hall, seeing his mother and father by the door. He told his father to wait, but he doesn’t think he was heard. His father opened the wooden front door and was reaching for the metal security door, Martinez said.

Then he saw a gun barrel. He fired once.

Martinez’s attorney, Brady Sullivan, said the shooting was self-defense and that Martinez wanted to get away from the Mongols. He said his client learned the Mongols were shot and brought a shotgun and a gun home.

Martinez said he put the gun in the room he shared with his girlfriend and daughter.

But prosecutors said during opening statements that Martinez had methamphetamine in his system hours after the shooting and that he lied when he said he didn’t know police were at the door.

Martinez testified that he used meth during the Mongol events and that he received the drug during an event from the Mongols on Sunday, October 26, 2014.

His first trial in 2019 ended in one hung jury. The jury acquitted Martinez of first-degree murder, but deadlocked on second-degree murder.

For the second trial, Martinez was charged with second-degree murder and battery on a police officer.

The judge dismissed jurors early Tuesday after the defense had technical difficulties and was unable to play a video. Martinez will resume testifying on Wednesday.

Suspect in fatal shooting of Pomona officer says he didn’t know police were at door – Daily Bulletin Source link Suspect in fatal shooting of Pomona officer says he didn’t know police were at door – Daily Bulletin

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