Supreme Court Rebuffs Apple’s Effort to Cancel 2 Qualcomm Smartphone Patents

Qualcomm sign in San Diego
A sign in front of a Qualcomm building in San Diego. REUTERS / Mike Blake

The US Supreme Court refused to hear on Monday appleHis offer to cancel two Qualcomm smartphone patents despite the global settlement of the underlying difference between the two tech giants.

The judges rejected Apple’s appeal against the lower court’s decision that the company based in Cupertino, California, did not have the capacity to pursue the matter due to the settlement. Apple had argued that it should be allowed to appeal because Qualcomm, based in San Diego, could sue again after the settlement expired.

Qualcomm sued Apple in federal court in San Diego in 2017, claiming that its iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch infringed a number of Qualcomm mobile technology patents. This case was an element of a wider dispute between the rivals.

Apple has challenged the validity of the two patents in question in the Patent and Trademark Office of the Patent and Trademark Office.

The parties settled their dispute in 2019, signing a billion-dollar deal that allowed Apple to continue using Qualcomm chips in the iPhone. The settlement also contained licenses for tens of thousands of Qualcomm patents, including the two in dispute, but allowed the patent board case to continue.

The board decided in favor of Qualcomm. The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, which specializes in patent law, dismissed Apple’s appeal last year under the settlement. The Federal Circuit rejected Apple’s claim that the royalties and the risk of being sued again warranted a substantive hearing.

Apple has told the Supreme Court that it still faces the risk of being sued after the deal expires in 2025 or 2027 if the settlement period is extended. Qualcomm has already been sued once, “has not denied its intention to do so again” and has a “history of aggression against its patents,” Apple said.

Qualcomm has asked the judges to dismiss the appeal, arguing that Apple had not shown any specific injury that would have given it the proper legal status.

The government of President Joe Biden urged the Supreme Court to dismiss the appeal briefly in May.

Supreme Court Rebuffs Apple’s Effort to Cancel 2 Qualcomm Smartphone Patents Source link Supreme Court Rebuffs Apple’s Effort to Cancel 2 Qualcomm Smartphone Patents

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