Supreme Court is likely to significantly expand gun rights – Press Telegram

Last week, the US Supreme Court announced that New York and seven other states (including California) would decide whether they have the right to restrict guns from being brought out of residents’ homes.

The use of guns is at the heart of America’s recent civil war in two respects. First, there are gun mass slaughter in schools, shopping centers and places of worship. Second, police who used deadly force against the suspect fired that the suspect looked like a gun that could have killed police officers and other civilians, or was wielding the gun. I often raised it as a reason for doing so.

Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment states: “The rights of well-regulated militias and those who hold and hold weapons necessary for the security of a free nation must not be violated.”

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that Washington, DC could not ban private ownership of pistols at home. They did not reach the question of where to carry the gun. Four judges of the time, Judge Rogers, Judge Clarence Thomas, Judge Samuel Alito, and Judge Stephen Breyer are still in court.

The majority stated that the purpose of the Second Amendment to the Constitution was to allow traditional use of firearms, such as to protect people and homes. The court left open whether other restrictions that did not limit that right were acceptable. Opposition emphasized the opening phrase, suggesting that only the National Guard (militia) in the state has the right to hold and hold weapons.

Therefore, both sides avoided reading the Second Amendment to the Constitution literally. Guarantees are given as “militia” rights, not “militia” rights. Not limited to home. The limitation implied by the opening phrase referring to a well-regulated militia is that in 1791 the militia left guns at home for many purposes, including going to war when ordered. It is weakened by the fact that it included a healthy male. There are no restrictions on the type of gun. In 1791, the militia had a cannon that fired grapeshots and was able to kill many. On April 19, 1775, British troops marched into Concord, Massachusetts to seize the cannons of the settlers.

The Bill of Rights (including the Second Amendment) was adopted in 1791 to protect it from the federal government. In 1787 Jefferson tolerated power over the oppressive government. “Which country can maintain freedom if their rulers are not sometimes warned to maintain a spirit of resistance? Let them take their weapons. Remedies make them right in terms of facts. To set, forgive them, and calm them. “

The fear of the founding father over the federal government was so great that the Constitution limits Congress from funding the military for more than two years at a time.

The majority of the current Supreme Court may decide next year that Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment protects the right to carry guns out of private homes. All three president Donald Trump’s appointees will join the three judges remaining from the 2008 ruling, which upheld the majority. Unless Judge Roberts disagrees and joins a liberal judge, the majority needs only two more. It is possible.

Supreme Court is likely to significantly expand gun rights – Press Telegram Source link Supreme Court is likely to significantly expand gun rights – Press Telegram

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