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With regard to Fontana’s traffic flow, Supervised Transportation Systems Specialist Darin Huggins is determined to make the trip from Point A to Point B as efficient and safe as possible.

Huggins began his career in the city’s engineering department nearly 20 years ago as a traffic light engineer answering phone calls about city traffic lights.

He currently leads a traffic light maintenance team operating at 207 traffic light intersections throughout Fontana.

He helps bring new traffic control equipment into the city and runs a traffic control center. There, traffic signals are controlled remotely via a vast communication network. Here, he monitors traffic lights at major intersections and adjusts the timing of the traffic lights to alleviate congestion.

Moving more than 214,000 residents and thousands of visitors smoothly in Fontana is not an easy task, but Huggins is taking on the challenge. One segment of Sierra Avenue has more than 42,000 drivers daily.

So what’s the secret to hitting all the green lights? According to Huggins, it’s nothing more than patience.

The traffic lights are timed based on the movements that can pass through the intersection (turn left, turn right, passing) and the volume seen at each movement during peak hours. The calculated values ​​are entered into the timing software and Huggins can generate a virtual model of the intersection and a set of recommended timing parameters for setting the timing of the intersection. If you are traveling in one of Fontana’s main corridors where the signals are synchronized, you will have fewer stops and are more likely to have less delay.

Huggins feels that working with his traffic light maintenance team is the best part of his job. He and his team of three make sure that all signals are up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“Most people don’t see me [team] Respond to trouble calls at night, including weekends and holidays. The team does this without hesitation and is proud to do so. “

—– For a little Q & A now:

• Why did you choose to work in Fontana and why do you stay?

I chose to work in the city because of the stability, pride and professionalism that accompanies being an employee of the city of Fontana, as well as the opportunities that have emerged in itself.

• What do most of your colleagues don’t know about you?

When I was in 10th grade, one of my guests was invited to a local TV show where he was a psychic. Even without knowledge of the spiritual world, I became an unmotivated participant and received reading on live television. The psychic told me that my future would consist of “airplanes and lots of air and space.” From that day on, reading seemed totally nonsense, so I never thought about it again. Fast-forwarding four years later, I stood in front of Uncle Sam and vowed to become a US Air Force soldier. My job at the USAF is an aircraft electrician, simulating the combat of B52 bombers, KC-10s, and KC-135R refueling aircraft, performing electrical system maintenance, and performing numerous sortie missions. Did. Go to the figure. He also worked for Desert Storm in January 1991 and was stationed on Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean for six months.

• What do you do for fun?

I love to enjoy life and laugh with my family and friends. It may be as easy as going to Stater Brothers or traveling the whole country together. As long as we are together, I’m fine! I also enjoy music, exercise, and writing. My wife and I are working on several projects. One is a book based on a science fiction novel, and the other is a script for a situation comedy.

• What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

The best advice I have ever been given comes from my dad. He always told me to believe in myself. Because other people often don’t believe it, and if they share the same idea, they won’t go anywhere in this life.

• What do I need to bring a traffic light to an intersection?

An engineering study is first conducted to see if an intersection without a signal meets a number of warrants or conditions that ultimately determine whether it is recommended to signal an intersection. When this happens, funding sources are determined, designed plans are created, contractors are selected, materials are ordered, and construction begins.

• Is there anything else you would like to mention?

The current epidemic we are working on has given us the opportunity to sit down, take a breather and reassess our lives. For me, it reiterated the importance of the family and the implications of being a member of the family. We often take the presence of the people around us for granted, but now we realize that more than ever, everything can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye. Learn to take the time to thank the people around you by talking to them. No one needs to guess how you feel about them.

Huggins was recently selected by his peers as a recipient of the city’s employee spotlight.

Supervising Traffic Systems Specialist Darrin Huggins helps keep Fontana moving | News Source link Supervising Traffic Systems Specialist Darrin Huggins helps keep Fontana moving | News

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