Sunday’s Storms Made Gas More Expensive, Thanks To Yet More East Bay Refinery Flare-Ups

San Francisco’s gasoline prices are ready to hit record highs as the storms have caused Richmond and Martinez refineries to experience what is called “operational disruption.”

According to AAA data, California’s gasoline price is the highest in the country and is now well known to be $ 4.55 per gallon. But the San Francisco gas station sees its $ 4.55 price and says “Hold my Four Loko.” As of Monday, a gallon of gasoline averaged much higher at $ 4.73 in the city. The cause this time is not tax or fossil fuel regulation.It’s because of sunday Storm Handinger, Knocking out multiple East Bay refineries, pushing up gas prices.

Bloomberg reports it San Francisco gasoline prices were close to record highs On Monday, it’s actually one cent below the 2012 record. (Bloomberg’s report is behind the paywall, Yahoo News has a free version). “The city’s retail price averaged $ 4.727 a gallon on Monday, just a penny below the record high set in 2012,” Bloomberg reported.

Martinez’s PBF refinery “experienced operational disruption,” as stated in the regulatory filings acquired by Bloomberg.I think this is Hazardous material outflow report“Unclearly explains that the loss of the compressor at 0656 can release SO2 at the Martinez refinery. It is estimated that the threshold of £ 500 has been exceeded. Is informing. ”This is the same refinery you saw. 12,500 gallons of raw sewage spilled there It’s late August, so it’s roughly two months.

In Richmond, many have noticed a relapse at the Chevron refinery. KTVU too Obtained a statement from ChevronThe company says it has flares, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t.

“We are experiencing intermittent flares because we are managing the recovery from process unit disruptions. We are urgently working to minimize and stop flares,” Chevron told KTVU. .. They add that they are measuring toxins in the atmosphere, claiming that the danger was “well below health standards and almost below the detection limit in neighboring neighborhoods.”

NS Valero Refinery in Benicia Is also closed, but it was a regular maintenance closure unrelated to the storm.

Even before the storm, people would certainly point out that they paid well over $ 4.73 for a gallon of gas, and they’re probably right. However, $ 4.73 is the current average, and in some areas gas prices are higher based on perceived consumption habits as traffic. Still, the current average is $ 4.73, which will almost certainly rise this week, breaking the record high since 2012.

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image: @ Matthew4300 via Twitter

Sunday’s Storms Made Gas More Expensive, Thanks To Yet More East Bay Refinery Flare-Ups Source link Sunday’s Storms Made Gas More Expensive, Thanks To Yet More East Bay Refinery Flare-Ups

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