Student funding: Young people urged to apply by end of June

Students enrolling in colleges or universities in 2022-2023 are encouraged to apply for funding by June 30th.

The Student Rewards Agency of Scotland (SAAS) asks students to apply for fees, scholarships and loans by the end of the month to ensure that money is in place before the start of the academic semester.

Students are not required to wait for exam results or an unconditional offer before applying – this can be easily updated later. It is more important for them to apply now to get funding in time.

Lauren McNamara, interim executive director of SAAS, said: “For some students, this is probably the first time they have to do an application of this type, but SAAS is here to help and make the process as easy as possible.”

To make the application process smoother, SAAS asked students, parents and guardians to make sure they had prepared the necessary paperwork before the start.

This includes family income, as different student funding packages are available depending on the circumstances and courses.

Additional assistance is also available to experienced students, students with disabilities, students with dependent children or adults, and young students.

Complete information on the required information is available on the SAAS website, as well as some tips and tricks that provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You can apply by visiting here: Scotland Student Awards Agency – SAAS – Funding your future

Students, parents and guardians can also use budget and funding calculators at: Information about students Scotland – funding, finance and student life

Student funding: Young people urged to apply by end of June Source link Student funding: Young people urged to apply by end of June

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