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Irvine Valley freshman volleyball player J. Linnie Lee leads the team in kills, points per set, and total blocks (courtesy: photo).

Jayli Nealy has the Irvine Valley Women’s Volleyball Team as a rival. They enter the postseason with an overall record of 16-5 and a record of 12-4 at the Orange Imperial Diet.

She helped the team lead the meeting with the number of kills per set (11.84). Their total 1041 killings are ranked second in the category and third in the conference at 15.5 in points per set.

Nealy is currently leading the team with 273 kills, a total of 70 blocks and 4.2 points per set. Her 32% killings rank among the top 20 volleyball players in the state. Earlier this month, Neely was currently selected as a state co-player of the California Community College Women’s Volleyball Coach Association and this week’s player of the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA).

An important step in her growth was playing club volleyball for the Santa Monica team. The instructor received intense training to prepare her for the unpleasant situations she is currently facing at the junior college level.

“They were really hard for me,” Neely said. “At first I couldn’t accept sensitive and constructive criticism, but I learned to be an adaptable and coachable player.”

To prepare for a stint in Irvine Valley, she worked with the club’s coach to improve various aspects of the game. She also trained with IVC Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Ryan Windish, then prospective teammates, and fellow lasers.

“”[Windisch] I had them play with a male volleyball player, “Neely said. “I think it really helped because I was obviously playing with a more physical man than I was … we had to play on a higher net so it sets the tone really high It was a good challenge for. “

Nealy knows that scholars are an important part of receiving offers from four-year colleges. She is studying sociology and will major in kinesiology when she is transferred.

“The volleyball side is the easy part for me. The challenging part was the student part,” Neely said. “But now I have so many resources in Irvine Valley and so many people who can help me whatever I need help with.”

The women’s volleyball team is a close group, and Neely’s experience with them encouraged her to pursue a physiotherapy career. The team started with a perfectly healthy roster, but as players began to get injured, Neely became worried and sympathetic to his teammates.

“If they see them injured and they can be in court right now, they just know they will,” Neely said. “It really opened my eyes, I was more interested in helping them and being there for them. I think that was the reason I wanted to be a physiotherapist.”

During the summer, Neely took a class called Coaching Theory, which became her favorite class.

“It was about coaching and how coaches see things from their point of view,” she said. “We had a variety of missions to plan sports practice.”

Neely knows that his team has what it takes to be good in the playoffs.

“We have a lot of gravel, and we’re so messy that we can’t give up easily,” she said. “I think it really helps to soar in the playoffs.”

Student Athlete of the Week: Jayli Nealy – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Student Athlete of the Week: Jayli Nealy – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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