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Inglewood junior Caelyn Cambridge plays basketball and softball for the Sentinels (Amanda Scurlock/LA Sentinel)

Inglewood junior Kaylin Cambridge navigates her life as a student athlete with confidence and drive.

“I’m great,” Cambridge said. “I kind of brag about myself because who else is going to brag for you? You have to do it for yourself.”

Cambridge plays softball and basketball for the Sentinels. Basketball was a sport she always loved to play; she also wanted to try softball. The coaches of the women’s basketball team instilled in the players the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

“It’s basically real-world training. You’re late for practice, that’s the equivalent of being late for work,” Cambridge said. “They wanted to provide good values, make sure we were well-rounded.”

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Coaches often held Cambridge accountable; it was one of the factors that helped her improve.

“I’ve definitely picked up my speed, I’ve gotten tougher, it’s built a lot of character for me,” she said. “I was a bit of a problem kid at first, but I got through it and ended up being one of the best.”

The basketball team also saw that Cambridge had leadership qualities and they gave her opportunities to be a leader.

“Our best player is a senior, so they looked at me and were like, ‘that’s you next year,'” Cambridge said. “They wanted me to lead in some games. They would have her sit for a minute and I would take the reins.

Cambridge works hard to do well in everything she does, but sometimes it causes her to be too hard on herself and get frustrated.

“I put my heart and soul into it, so [if] I’m not at my best, I can get a little angry,” Cambridge said. “It was hard, but I kept at it and got a lot better.”

Cambridge knows how to prioritize her studies in a way that allows her time to hone her athletic skills.

“I usually make sure I get everything done in class,” she said. “After that it’s free time. I’m going to do some extra training, I can stay later.

Her favorite classes are Spanish and English. She noted how her teacher’s dedication to the subject had a positive impact on the quality of instruction.

“They put so much of their heart into it, you can feel it,” Cambridge said. “I prefer a class where you know you can tell the teacher is there because they care.”

In addition to playing for the Sentinels, Cambridge competed for the Dodgers Dream Team at Darby and Edward Vincent Parks. As well as being an athlete, Cambridge can play seven different instruments.

“I play guitar, I play lead guitar, I play piano, flute, drums, recorder, harmonica and I also sing,” she said. “I’m self-taught on all of these.”

Cambridge has several plans and goals for the future. One of her goals is to be an air traffic controller.

“I like to watch planes, I do that from my balcony,” she said. “I’m in the flight path, I can watch it with my binoculars and I record every airline, so even my dreams are now in the stars.”

Student Athlete of the Week: Caelyn Cambridge – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Student Athlete of the Week: Caelyn Cambridge – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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