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Inglewood senior Adam Singh competes in basketball and athletics (Photo courtesy)

Adam Singh, a senior student in double sports, an athlete from Ingloud, has a competitive spirit and knows how to find opportunities to improve. Along with playing point guard on the boys’ basketball team, he ran the 100m and 200m for the athletics team.

In addition to competing and studying, Singh is a member of Chargers’ Bolt Academy and the NFL Sports Content Lab. Bolt Academy is a partnership with Los Angeles Chargers, Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) and Brotherhood Crusade.

“It gave students in the area a chance to work with Chargers,” Singh said.

He also played an important role in the NFL’s sports content lab, as a game announcer during the Inglewood Football Games. Game recordings were produced by the NFL and published; they taught students how to manage the show.

“The NFL came and gave us all this great equipment, they brought in these amazing people to teach us how to do it,” Singh said. “We really need to see other opportunities besides being on the field. We see the backstage in what it takes to run a corporation like the NFL. ”

Singh also learned graphic design and public speaking through the NFL’s sports content program. In addition to playing game-by-game, he will talk to members of the Inglewood football team about the show.

“I went out to know more about the football game,” Singh said. “But more than how to communicate and how to talk to people on such a stage.”

Singh is also a member of the Brotherhood Crusade. His involvement in the organization forced Singh to challenge his own boundaries.

“One thing I’ve really been told is to feel comfortable, to feel uncomfortable, because that’s the only place you can grow,” he said. “So I just put myself in situations where I may not be comfortable.”

Through the Crusades of the Singh Brotherhood, he was able to return to the community by participating in gifts.

“I volunteer for the Brotherhood Crusade, sometimes they have food presents and I always try to show myself to them,” Singh said. “Going back is important because some people may be a little less happy than me.”

The Sentinels boys’ basketball team had an overall record of 9-10. According to Singh, the team has improved its communication throughout the season.

“At the beginning of our season, we really didn’t have the communication we wanted,” he said. “We talked about things together, we talked as a team, we connected more and we just became together, we became one, instead of being separate parts.”

Singh tested both on the track and in basketball in his first year and remained committed to both teams.

“I’ve always been competitive,” he said. “I feel that these two sports have allowed me to get out of that competitiveness that I have inside me.”

The basketball tournament showed him different styles of play. He also took the opportunity to shed light on Inglewood’s talent.

“Tournament play, you can see a wide range of talented players, teams, coaches, coaching styles, defense, a lot of you are thrown into these games and you have to think on the go,” Singh said. “I felt that every game we went into was to get us ranked or to watch Inglewood.”

For Singh, being a student athlete means making the right decisions and being a role model for your peers. Keeping a schedule is the way Singh can maintain good grades.

“Being an athlete student for me means taking responsibility voluntarily, putting yourself in situations that help you grow and just be an example, to be a leader on campus,” Singh said.

Singh aspires to be a dental hygienist, but his short-term goal is to have a good time and qualify for city and state championships.

Student Athlete of the Week: Adam Singh – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Student Athlete of the Week: Adam Singh – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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