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Many online creators and influencers have adopted a mobile-friendly “link in bio” website. Link tree, Introduce social profiles and other content that you want to promote to your fans. Today, livestreaming software company Streamlabs has launched its own product in this market using a new mobile website builder. willow.. The tool is differentiated from other tools in this space by integrating tip functionality directly into the landing page.

On social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, the Linkinbio website is becoming more popular because users can only see one main URL in their user profile. However, online creators and influencers often exist on multiple sites that fans want to know about. That’s where these custom websites come in.

Like most “link-in-bio” website builders, Willow provides an easy way to add a list of links to a customized mobile-optimized web page.

The product itself is a bit basic compared to what a new startup offers — Like a beaconFor example, allow users to add links for donations, affiliate shopping, paid downloads, and more. For Willow, just enter the URL and it will appear on your website. You can also choose from several colorful designs, each with its own style and font.

The online website builder allows you to view the site in progress as you add links or update your design. With the click of a button, you can preview what your site will look like on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

But a more interesting feature of Willow is the ability to add chips to your website.

To do this, turn on the hints feature from the website builder interface and connect your PayPal account to Willow. This will place a “donation”. You can encourage fans to tip by clicking the button at the top of the linked list.

Image credit: Streamlabs

This feature will be a major selling point for new website builders. Today, creators who receive hints through social and streaming platforms often have to share the revenue from these transactions with the platform itself. Tips via PayPal go beyond the applicable PayPal fees and become a more direct payment method between fans and creators.

Streamlabs says it doesn’t hold any tip money — everything goes to the creator.

However, we will soon monetize the new product in another way. Within a few weeks, the company will roll out a paid version for $ 5 per month. This includes advanced analytics such as CTR and the days with the most clicks and views. The pro version also includes more custom themes.

Image credit: Willow screenshot

Willow was just launched today, so there aren’t many users at this time.However, top streamer FaZe Mew According to a short willow link ( in his various social media backgrounds, he’s already signed up.

“The experience of building tools for live streamers has led us to build products for a better content creator ecosystem,” said George Kurdin of Streamlabs GM. “To fulfill this mission and grow our business, we are building products for more brands, businesses and individuals,” he said.

Streamlabs launches a ‘link in bio’ website builder that includes tipping – TechCrunch Source link Streamlabs launches a ‘link in bio’ website builder that includes tipping – TechCrunch

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