Stoughton earns 400th win of coaching career

Cathy Stoughton won one of the biggest achievements of her career last Tuesday.

She did not tell any of her players – or many of their parents – about it. The Lady Rattlers hosted Austin High and needed a win to stay on the hunt for the playoffs. Stoughton did not want to put pressure on his shoulders or cause distractions.

San Marcos performed well. Young pitcher Kayli Saenz made a full play, leaving just three hits, no walking and no running while scoring three. Junior outfielder CJ Castilla went 3-3 on the set, once passing the ball and helping the purple-whites win 3-0, bringing the team to 8-11 overall and 2-2 in the District 26-6A game.

After the game, the Lady Rattlers burst balloons to celebrate their coach. It was the 400th victory of Stoughton’s career.

“I think after the game, we closed and finished with the locking of the field and everything and I kind of sat in the dugout and I said to my assistants, I said, ‘It started to sink. “It reminds me of how long I’ve been doing this and how successful we have been as a program during the time I’ve been here,” Stoughton said.

“And you know, we had a lot of great athletes who came from here who did the program and I owe them a lot of credit. But it is special to sit there and think about how long you have been doing something. “I think the 400 really hit that this is my life for so long.”

Stoughton’s became synonymous with San Marcos Softball. Her family consists of SMCISD alumni, including her grandfather, a 1932 graduate. Stoughton was a member of the Lady Rattler softball team when she first started the program in 1990. She also played for volleyball and basketball teams and played with the Rattler Band as trumpeter. After graduating from SMHS in 1993, she attended Lutheran University in Texas and later returned to her Alma Mater to coach the team she helped found.

Her first victory as a softball coach came in 2002 against Kerrville Tivy. After the game, Stoughton’s father told her to hold a ball and stand in front of the scoreboard for a photo. Stoughton said she still has the photo.

The coach can remember many of the 400 victories she had in her belt. Later in the 2002 season, her team faced Del Valle. One of Stoughton’s best players, Jennifer Crayton, started a home run across the outfield fence, helping them gain a big lead. Late in the game, Crayton, a left-handed striker, asked Stoughton if he could change the shot just for fun. Stouton agreed.

“So I turned it into two pitchers on a bat, it hits over the left field fence,” Stoughton said. “And I felt bad because I never got the score with anyone and I went and apologized to the coach. I said, “I swear I had no idea.”

“I still haven’t seen (anyone running home running left and right in softball) since. I do not know if I will see it again. “But that was one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen.”

In 2013, the team started playing in the area with a 2-4 record, but managed to bounce back to the second round to reach the playoffs. San Marcos went beyond the round of two areas, matching San Antonio O’Connor in the next.

“O’Connor had a 26-game winning streak and was on a roll,” Stoughton said. “They beat us in the first game and I remember the score, I mean maybe 8-5, something like that. They beat us in the first game. And then they put us down in the second game, 12-10, and a pitcher (future NCAA) Division I on the embankment. And we beat her, they beat us. And we go to the bottom of the seventh inning and I put my No. 9 high. “

Kourkouti took a walk and the top of the lineup swayed for enough singles and doubles for the purple and whites to rally for a 13-12 victory.

On April 20, 2018, San Marcos won its last game of the season against Austin Bowie, 5-3, tying Austin Akins for the District 14-6A title with an 8-2 league record. However, the district president presented Akins with the championship trophy that night.

“My girls were really, really upset (with the district officials),” Stoughton said. “They felt like they had won the right to present something to them that night and they saw on all the social media that the other team got it, even though we had a draw.”

The two sides had to face each other in a sowing game three days later. The Lady Rattlers defeated the Lady Eagles in five innings, 11-1.

“It was a fun game because my girls were so much,” Stoughton said. “This sowing game was a lot of fun seeing how hungry they were. They wanted to send a message and so it was a fun game to participate in. ”

San Marcos hosted Del Valle on Tuesday, the match ended after press time. Stoughton are excited to add a few more wins to their name this season.

“I’m blessed to have (400 wins) as a Rattler,” Stoughton said. “My whole family has grown up here and I know that many of my colleagues do not have the opportunity to train in their alma mater. And I think it’s an honor to be here and it was a blessing to actually get it as a Rattler. It means to me more than so many things, that I can actually be part of my hometown and my community according to the tradition of my family and friends and still be in that community and be able to work from where I started. “

Stoughton earns 400th win of coaching career Source link Stoughton earns 400th win of coaching career

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