Stonewall-inspired concert features composer Benjamin Boone, poet Faylita Hicks

Dr. Benjamin Boon

Fresno State Music Professor Benjamin Boon His jazz quartet is teaming up with a poet Filey TahicksNo one promised you tomorrow: Art 50 years after Stonewall“Show. There will be a variety of performances and readings, including a new work by the poet and graduate of Fresno State University, Stephen Sanchez, and an original string quartet by Allen Gallego, a music student at Fresno State University.

Presented by Creativity and Arts Center, “With Benjamin Boon Filey Tahicks: No one promised you tomorrow’s concert and poetry reading “starts with Thursday, October 21, 5:30 pmLocated in the courtyard of the Phebe Conley Art Gallery on campus. Outdoor concerts and indoor art exhibitions are open to the public free of charge.

Boon’s 2020 album “The Poets are Gathering” featuring Ander Herrera, a former American poet laureate The latest in a series of albums that combine Boon’s jazz composition and poetry. “”All about jazz“It’s a job that’s intense and damaging … it’s a job that makes you think, challenges and faces social mistakes in a way that transcends the controversy of newspaper opinion writers.” ..

Boone and the late Poet Laureate Pulitzer Prize-winning Philip Levine, who played a unique mix of jazz and poetry live several times, the 2018 album. “Jazz poetry” It was the first time they released a collaborative recording. The album was recognized by UK Vibe, featured on NPR’s All Things Thoughd, was selected by the Paris Review staff, and was ranked third in the Downbeat Magazine’s annual readers’ poll as the “Best Album of 2018”. ..

Born in south-central California and raised in central Texas. Hicks (She / they) use crossing experiences with black and indigenous color people (BIPOC) and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, sexual, plus (LGBTQIA +) Defending the people of. Hicks recently released a new album.The new name of my love,Is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

She is the author of Hood Witch and the finalist of the 2020 Lambada Literary Award for Bisexual Poetry. Hicks served as a 2021 poet for Civil Rights Corps and was a Shirring Fellow at the Black Mountain Institute in the fall of 2021. She was featured in the documentaries “45 Days in Texas Prison” and “Racism: The American Minor Crimes Issue.”Hicks’ poems, essays and digital art Widely available In a literary magazine.

“No one promised you tomorrow: Art 50 years after Stonewall” I will do it August 19th to October 31st At the Phoebe Conley Art Gallery.During the session, the gallery Reservations required Tuesday-Friday 10 am-4pm, Saturday 11 am-3pm, and Sunday.. Admission is free. Exhibits and ancillary events follow the COVID-19 protocol.visit npyt.fscenterforcreativityandarts.org For more information on the exhibition.

The Fresno State University show of “Nobody Promised Tomorrow: Art 50 Years After Stonewall” was made possible by a generous grant from the James B. McClutch Foundation’s McClutch Fresno Arts Endowment. rice field. Founded in 1994, Susan and the late James B. McClutch were founded in two important problem areas for California: the needs of English learners and freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press in the First Amendment. I envisioned an organization that works on protection. Since then, the James B. McClatchy Foundation has endeavored to subsidize the entire Central Valley footprint and make bold investments to have a long-term impact.

“Nobody Promised You Tomorrow: Art 50 years After Stonewall” was sponsored by the Brooklyn Museum and curated by public program coordinator Margo Cohen Ristorante. Lindsay C. Harris, Teen Program Manager, Education; Elizabeth A. Suckler Feminist Art Center Associate Curator, Carmen Elmo. Elizabeth A. Suckler Center for Feminist Art, Former Curator Assistant, Ally Likert. Public Program Director Lauren Argentina Zelaya is backed by Interse Xtions at the Brooklyn Museum and Levi Narine, a former teen program assistant for a special project. This presentation was adopted by the Center for Creative Arts, Fresno State University.

The center’s mission is to draw the general public into art through dynamic interdisciplinary programming that emphasizes local topics with a global perspective. The center aims to contribute to the intellectual, social and artistic life of the university and Central Valley, and aims to create an environment in which art acts as a catalyst for intellectual and creative conversations rooted in everyday life. I am. Of Central Valley.

Stonewall-inspired concert features composer Benjamin Boone, poet Faylita Hicks Source link Stonewall-inspired concert features composer Benjamin Boone, poet Faylita Hicks

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