Stockdale surges past Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial on banner day for SWYL baseball | Sports

After Charlie Monterrosa of the Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial hit the second home side to increase the Panthers’ lead on Thursday night, the 3-1 lead raised an almost unthinkable question: Is Stockdale, second in the Central Division, really going to get that way?

The very decisive answer was no.

Adam Enyart took the bottom of the sixth with a double, the Mustangs ’first extra-base hit of the evening, and Stockdal took a number of hits from Michael Monreal and Colby Evans, using five RBI singles to take a 7-3 lead. . Ryan Featherston left a pair of Panther baserunners in the middle of the next inning and advanced to the Stockdale Division I Division Finals.

“These kids continued to grind, grind, and grind,” Stockdale coach Brad Showers said. “We’ve had a few comebacks this year, so I’m pretty sure we’re pretty good in the game later.”

It reached the core of the Mustangs ’lineup, with Austin Charles, Enyart and Owen Bolich each with two hits. Charles had two RBIs and also made six innings allowing three runs.

Memorial scored six hits against him, highlighting Monterrosa’s two solo home runs. The Panthers picked up Jack Sampson’s single-player pick in his early career, with Stockdal unable to turn it into a double play, allowing Giovanni Blanchett to score.

Stockdale’s No. 2 return to the 7th Memorial highlighted the big day for the Southwest Yosemite League, as the 8th Frontier and 6th Liberty stunned their opponents along the way. Frontier made six runs in the first inning and held on to the first-placed Clovis-Buchanan in a wild 17-11 shootout, while Liberty beat Fresno-Bullard 9-2.

Frontier will travel to Santa Maria-Righetti, while Liberty will visit Stockdale.

“There will be a lot of people here,” Showers said. “It’s going to be great for this city, great for baseball in this country.”

The Mustangs did not take the right path to the finals.

Showers said the team was “tight before the game”; they needed some input to settle down. Stockdal had a bit of luck in the third inning against Monreal as Shane Herifordi was hit by a pitch and Matt Torres made a mistake before Charles equalized on a left-center field goal. 1-1.

But Stockdal held on for the next two innings, and in the meantime, Monterrosa beat Charles twice, pushing a pair of deep-fly balls over the left fence. The Panthers could have had more, but Charles pushed for a 3-4-game double in the fifth with two runners.

In the sixth, the Mustangs opened the scoring with a superb strike from Enyart’s double to the right of the line, and Bolich put in a single and made it 3-2. Some of the memorial’s dubious defenses helped; A failed attempt by Bolich’s tag allowed Featherston to enter the base in the third, where Hayden Elchlepp entered, and then Matt Torres entered a fielding error allowing Bolich to score.

That gave Stockdale a 4-3 lead and pushed Memorial Evans to the field. But he left three RBI singles in a row on a Bolich flight before the end of the entry.

Featherston made it to Joe Dalena and Sampson in the seventh with two knockouts, but Mikey Bell scored a third strikeout to close out the victory.

“I can’t be happier because these kids have come together,” Showers said. “They love each other, they fight for each other, and it really helps us win ball games.”

Stockdal took on two-thirds of Liberty’s league game this season. The teams will face Stockdalen on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m., and the winner will advance to the First Division title match.

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Stockdale surges past Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial on banner day for SWYL baseball | Sports Source link Stockdale surges past Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial on banner day for SWYL baseball | Sports

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