Steve Whitmore | Heartbreak and Hope

Re: Leon Worden’s column, June 4th.

Leon: I just read your column about your boy. Your son, Jake. My heart broke into several pieces. I was very impressed with your words and the tragic story of such a young man celebrating many sunlit days. I have two grown-up sons, one of whom may be suffering from chemicals. He doesn’t talk to me. I haven’t had a drink since October 16, 1977. My heart is broken for you and you.

But, strangely enough, I also thank all of us for reminding us of the pain of such loss, which may have happened by accident. May power, wisdom, and your words have all the power that surrounds you and you in the hope that such a horrific tragedy will prevent it from tearing up other families.

God speed, old friend. God speed.

Steve Whitmore
Los Angeles

Steve Whitmore | Heartbreak and Hope Source link Steve Whitmore | Heartbreak and Hope

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