Stern discusses nursing home reform bill

Senator Henry Stern of D-Los Angeles held a press conference on Monday to discuss “important” legislation aimed at increasing accountability and resident safety in nursing homes.

Elderly and Nursing Home Reform Advocates, and Co-sponsor of the Bill, AARP California, California Nursing Home Reform Advocates and SEIU California Join Stern, a district that includes the western part of the Santa Clarita Valley, to issue Senate Bill 650 I attended a live streaming conference to review. , This aims to demand greater transparency about how nursing homes spend their money.

The bill, drafted by Stern, requires nursing homes to submit annual consolidated financial statements, increases transparency of nursing home payments for states and the public, and provides financial reports audited by nursing home management companies and real estate companies. Request to submit.

“The way we built our healthcare system provided the dynamic that most of California’s skilled nursing homes were commercial and privately owned,” said Stern. “From both LA County auditing, state oversight, and research journalism, we’ve found that large commercial institutions on the part of the industry are trading billions instead of millions. That means … and whether those transactions are actually done in a fair way, prices aren’t soaring, money isn’t wasted, or profits aren’t unfairly pocketed. I don’t know much about it. “

Stern said in a state audit report that some bills were invoked after reports of a significant increase in transactions between related parties during a 35% increase in injuries, harms, impairments, or deaths of residents. did.

“By hiding profits, the industry returned to the state legislature every few years and succeeded in demanding more money,” said Anthony Chicotel, a staff lawyer for California Nursing and Housing Reform Advocates. I am. “Nursing homes know their costs, they know their interests, and the state simply does not. Due to this lack of transparency, the state has no staff or resources essential to the welfare of its residents. Instead, they would pay for the villa of the owner of a private jet or nursing home and be demolished. “

Blanca Castro, Senior Manager of Advocacy at AARP California, called the SB 650 “one of the most important nursing home reform bills” and increased the transparency of funding for nursing homes.

“We know that the devastating impact of COVID on nursing home residents and workers really puts the spotlight on this crisis, but at the same time, as pandemics disappear from the headline, nursing homes. Workers can’t forgive their needs … and the aging of California should be forgotten, “added Arnulfo De La Cruz of SEIU Local 2015, which represents thousands of long-term care workers.

This is especially important because this year, billions of dollars in state budgets will be invested in skilled nursing facilities, which will be paid to caregivers and seniors who actually need them, according to Stern.

The SB 650 is part of a larger legislative package called “The PROTECT Plan,” and data from the California Public Health Service reported nearly a quarter of COVID-19 deaths in California. Therefore, we plan to launch an intensive campaign to increase accountability in nursing homes. I was in a nursing home, accounting for 23% of the state’s total deaths.

“Nursing home residents and families of deceased residents who survived the pandemic are, of course, frustrated and angry at the preventable situation in the nursing home that led to this enormous death toll,” said Chicotel. I added.

The SB 650 will pass the Parliamentary Health Commission on Tuesday and will advance to the Parliamentary Expenditure Commission in August.

Stern discusses nursing home reform bill Source link Stern discusses nursing home reform bill

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