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San Francisco (AP) — Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry teaches civil rights by campaigning for social justice, upholding women’s causes, and interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci about the coronavirus pandemic. Has been highly evaluated by people.

The NAACP awarded him the Jackie Robinson Sports Award. And for the first time, the country’s oldest civil rights organization recognizes multiple people by honoring the WNBA Players Association.

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“This award is a truly humble and prestigious experience. It was a kind of surprise when I did something in the community and talked about what I believed in. It wasn’t just for me, but for changing accountability. It’s about the collective efforts of everyone around me, “Curry said in a comment. Provided to The Associated Press by a team spokesman. Curry was unable to attend a formal interview due to a coccyx injury in Houston on Wednesday night.

“You don’t really do it to admit it, it’s more about the work you’re doing, this keeps talking about what’s important and respects Jackie Robinson’s legacy and what he stood on. And it’s a great opportunity to do, and the changes he could make and the barriers he could break through and continue these conversations, “added Curry. “So I thank you for your acknowledgments, honor, and it gives you more inspiration and energy to keep things changing in terms of what needs to happen for the black community throughout the country. , And I’m all about it. “

The 33-year-old curry, two NBAM VPs in Golden State We held a YouTube Q & A forum with Fauci March last year COVID-19 Near the beginning of the pandemic..

“I borrow Maya Angelou’s quote to explain Steph and his leadership:” People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will tell you that you are I’ll never forget how it made me feel, “manager Bob Myers said in an email.

“Steph certainly delighted the Bay Area people and people around the world. His commitment to social movements and women’s support are another part of the structure that makes up who he is. It’s an honor to know what he’s doing on and off the court, “Myers added. “And I would like to extend my great congratulations to the WNBA women who continue to pursue the right thing without fear.”

The Jackie Robinson Award is named after the late Dodgers great who broke the racial barriers of baseball. Athletes’ success and commitment to social justice, civil rights and communities are valued.

“He has a strong platform and is making the most of it. He is a great individual,” said Kelly Oubre Jr., Curry’s teammate.

WNBA players knelt on the national anthem, applauded the message in favor of Black Lives Matter, and the unification movement in protest of Jacob Blake’s shot in August.

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“I am very proud of WNBA players for this natural recognition of their continued work and advocacy for social justice and equality,” WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said in a statement provided to the AP. I mentioned in. “Their platform is bigger than basketball and is a great role model for the next generation of athletes and leaders. The WNBA Social Justice Council continues their important work and you definitely expect more from the players. can do.”

WNBA players also specifically called on former Georgian Senator Kelly Loeffler, a Republican and former co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, for her criticisms of the league’s commitment to social justice.

Curry also applauded the efforts of the women.

“The approval of the WNBA and what they have endorsed, and how they used their platform boldly and courageously and spoke of change at every opportunity, is of great value,” Curry said. Said. “They are game changers and leaders in that they use their collective voice and influence them on and off the court. Therefore, they and everything they have done, and leadership and their voice. I keep screaming about using it. “

Some WNBA players wore T-shirts labeled “Vote Warnock” in support of Democratic Rev. Raphael Warnock, who defeated Leffler in the January final vote. Warnock became the first African-American senator in Georgia.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr himself speaks frankly on many issues and praises the activities of the WNBA players.

“I love what the WNBA players have done. They have really taken the lead in creativity and unity in many important causes, political causes, but social injustice issues,” Carr said. Said. “They heard their voice. They did it very creatively and powerfully.”

These awards will be announced at the NAACP Image Awards Virtual Experience next week.

Previous winners are LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Jim Brown, Harlem Globetrotters, Jackie Joyner-Kursey, Sugar Ray Leonard and Eddie Robinson.

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