State officials propose Borrego Springs placement for sexually violent predator

State authorities on Friday proposed placing a man described as a sexually abusive predator in the desert town of Borego Springs, where he would remain under surveillance if a judge approved the location.

Michael Martinez, 69

(Courtesy of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department)

According to the proposal, 69-year-old Michael Martinez would live on 3406 Running M Road, in a neighborhood east of Borrego Springs Road in the southern part of the community of about 3,000 inhabitants.

A hearing to discuss the proposed placement is scheduled for 10 a.m. on July 8 before San Diego Supreme Court Justice David Gill. Public comment will be received during the hearing, as well as by telephone, e-mail and mail between 1 June and 15 June.

To be classified by the state as a sexually violent predator or SVP, a person must have been convicted of a violent sexual offense against at least one victim and diagnosed with a condition, such as pedophilia, that makes it likely to be re-offended. The designation is intended for less than 1 percent of the state’s sex offenders and means that these individuals can be locked up in public hospitals long after their assessment.

Martinez has been convicted of child molestation and other offenses involving minor victims in four separate cases dating back to 1979 in San Diego and Los Angeles counties and has been diagnosed with pedophilia and personality disorders. according to the San Diego County Attorney’s Office.

Martinez was last sentenced to four years in prison in 2004, but before his release, the District Attorney requested that he be placed in a public hospital. In 2009, a jury found that he met the SVP criteria and was sent to Coalinga State Hospital in Fresno, where he remained for almost nine years.

While in the public hospital, SVPs have the option of taking part in a treatment program aimed at curbing their criminal impulses. Finally, they can ask the court to release them to live in the community under the supervision of state authorities, where they are required to continue treatment in outpatient clinics.

The procedure is a civil case and does not take place in criminal courts.

In 2018, after another judge approved Martinez’s request to be released under supervision, Gill approved his placement in the Boulevard community of East County. The following year, his conditional release was revoked and he was sent back to Coalinga State Hospital.

In early 2021, the state again recommended Martinez approval for supervised, conditional release through the program managed by Liberty Healthcare. At the end a closed-door hearing last April, Gill approved the recommendation.

Last August, the Department of State Hospitals recommended that Martinez be placed in a house in Ranchitaabout 13 miles west of Borrego Springs.

But before Gill could decide whether to place Martinez in Ranchita, the landlord withdrew from the lease with Liberty Healthcare, Deputy Attorney Martin Doyle told the Union-Tribune in an email Friday.

Last year, government officials proposed placing another sexually abusive predator, Merle Wade Wakefield, in a house in Borrego Springs, along a street of the De Anza Country Club golf course. That The proposed placement was later put on hold when Liberty Healthcare asked him to complete more treatment before leaving Coalinga State Hospital.

Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed position can do so at the July 8 hearing or between June 1 and June 15 by contacting the Sheriff Ministry Task Force on Sexual Offenses (SAFE) at (858) 495-3619, sdsafe@sdsheriff.org or by mail to SVP Release / SAFE TASK FORCE, 9425 Chesapeake Drive, San Diego, CA, 92123.

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State officials propose Borrego Springs placement for sexually violent predator Source link State officials propose Borrego Springs placement for sexually violent predator

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