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Stephanie Nguyen entered politics five years ago when Elk Grove City Council nominated her for her vacant seat in District 4. She now hopes to represent Elk Grove and South Sacramento at the State Capitol. The Democrat is currently leading the race for District 10 of the State Assembly.

The Secretary of State reported in the early hours of June 8 that he has 33% of the vote.

“It’s not over yet, we still have a good advantage, but we still have the rest of the night,” Nguyen told Citizen on election night.

In a virtual tie for second place, Democrat Eric Guerra only led Republican Eric Rigard by 50 votes. Guerra, who is a member of Sacramento City Council, got 26.8% of the vote while Rigard got 26.7%. Behind them were Democrat Tecoy Porter with 7% and Democrat Ben Thompkins with 5%.

The redesigned Assembly District 10 runs from south Sacramento to the north and Elk Grove to the south.

Nguyen mentioned that he grew up in South Sacramento, where he did a great campaign this spring.

“It was time to have someone who really knew our community,” he said.

Nguyen works as the executive director of Asian Resources Inc., a non-profit organization that helps immigrants and refugees.

Elk Grove is currently represented in the State Assembly by Jim Cooper, D-Elk Grove, who is now running for the Sacramento County Sheriff. Nguyen joined this year’s Assembly race in February, the same month that Cooper announced his candidacy for sheriff. He soon gained the support of Cooper, as well as the support of Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, U.S. Rep. Ami Bera, Elk Grove Democrat, and State Sen. Richard Pan.

Nguyen’s main opponent in the Assembly is Guerra, a member of Sacramento City Council who left the State Senate District 6 race to compete for the redesigned 10th.th Assembly district race in January.

Last year, he told Citizen about his experience of growing up in poverty in Mexico before his family emigrated to the United States. The then State Senate candidate spoke of his interest in promoting upward mobility of the working class.

“People shouldn’t have to rely on luck to get there (middle class),” he told Citizen. “If people want to work hard, we must do everything possible to remove any political, bureaucratic or social barriers that prevent people from fulfilling their dreams.”

Rigard is the only Republican in the House of Commons to have four Democrats. This is his second race for the Assembly after losing to Cooper No. 9th 2020 District Assembly Elections.

When he announced his second chance at the Assembly last year, Rigard told the Citizen that homelessness and the provision of mental health support for the homeless were the main problems for him.

“We have to provide these people with mental health services, and they don’t need to go to a big state hospital,” he said in 2021. “We need to have mental health clinics that are local, accessible to everyone. the help they need, whether they are mentally ill or have a drug problem.

Guerra and Rigard could not be reached for comment.

The results of the next elections were scheduled for June 10.

Jones, Ashby is about to run in the November election

In the race for the State Senate District 8 seat, Democrats Dave Jones and Angelique Ashby have decisively become the first two candidates to run in the November general election.

Jones, who is a former Assemblyman and California insurance commissioner, led with 45 percent of the vote while Sacramento City Council member Angelique Ashby had 42 percent, according to a June 8 report from the Secretary of State. Democrat Rafa Garcia was far behind in third place with 12% of the vote.

Senate District 8, which was redesigned late last year, covers much of Sacramento County from Elverta to the north and Elk Grove to the south.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Elk Grove residents as we move toward the general election,” Jones told Citizen on June 8. months now: we will continue to contact residents directly to hear first-hand their concerns and priorities. “

He said a common concern he has heard from citizens is the lack of a home and the lack of affordable housing.

“I hear over and over again from voters in their homes when I meet with them is the concern about the overwhelming number of homeless people living on the streets and in the parks,” Jones said.

In a June 8 interview, Ashby said she is well positioned to move on to November. She recalled her experiences of strong campaigning among the residents in the primary election season.

“We walked and walked and made a lot of phones and did a lot of outreach,” Ashby said.

She said she took a short break to catch her breath before starting her election campaign.

“We have to start all over again with fundraising and put our volunteers back on track and put our best foot forward,” Ashby said.

First results of the Assembly Dist. 10 and State Senate Dist. 8 races

State Assembly, District 10:

Stephanie Nguyen (D) – 9,414 votes, 33.4%

Eric Guerra (D) – 7,561 votes, 26.8%

Eric Rigard (R) – 7,511 votes, 26.7%

Tecoy Porter (D) – 2,019 votes, 7.2%

Ben Thompkins (D) – 1,671 votes, 5.9%

State Senate, District 8:

Dave Jones (D) – 21,488 votes, 45%

Angelique Ashby (D) – 19,743 votes, 42%

Rafa Garcia (D) – 5,643 votes, 12%

* Informed from June 8.

Source: California Office of the Secretary of State

State elections: Nguyen leads Assembly race, Jones is ahead in senate election | News Source link State elections: Nguyen leads Assembly race, Jones is ahead in senate election | News

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