STATE BOUND: SMA earns ticket to TAPPS state final after defeating Veritas Academy, 74-46

At the beginning of the first quarter, the San Marcos Academy gained momentum with two plays centered around the goal line. The senior mason rope touched both balls. The Bears had the ball on their first drive of the night in the TAPPS playoff semifinals with the Austin Veritas Academy defenders.

Ebb tides and currents have created a drive adventure. With four days from the 19-yard line and a goal, the Bears did not hesitate to leave an attack on the field. Junior quarterback Mitchell Howard made a quick three-step drop and threw a money ball on the rope at the corner route behind the end zone.

Subsequent possession of the defender completed a deep pass from the left hash to Brian Hancock, and the receiver turned to the goal line. The rope was looking at the ball.

“I saw (quarterback Tyler Metro) go to throw it deep,” Rope said. “I pulled my ass over there and punched it out. I knew it was a big game, so I studied movies and non-stop. I watched all their games.”

Loep finished the night with two touchdowns, two intercepts and a blocked kick.

The ball was placed on the 20-yard line for touchback, and the Bears marched down the field for a score of 26 yards by Senior Chiziefobi with a quick static handoff from the bunch formation. Reed accompanied the Bears the rest of the night on the way to the 74-46 victory. The lead at the end of the third quarter was as large as 30. Veritas couldn’t leave quietly, but couldn’t get enough defensive cessation to fill the gap.

SMA (10-3) and Veritas (10-2) squared on October 22 early in the season. The defender ran the ball anyway and won 64-44. The rematch was far from the first meeting.

“It’s hard to beat the team twice because everyone is on the deck and everyone can take advantage of our depth so everyone can get back to good health and just make adjustments.” Chris Chacon said. “A good week of practice, preparation, diving into lots of movies, and the kids literally chose to make a difference around here again, and they absolutely did. (Junior Blanco) He’s inside. Helped us with that bunch of loads to handle with, and we chased the young guy tonight. We have size and depth … and we with the Speed ​​Group When it was time to go to the calling NASCAR, they would play from behind. “

The horse was excited to leave the barn and bring the wagon one step closer to the state championship. Senior Jacob Hammock was an important tackler in defense all year round and played a bigger role in offense this week as well. The hammock finished at 43 yards, causing the defense to think twice about hitting him while he was running down the hill. Junior Preston Ramos and sophomore Mason Grove flew around in a special team.

Chizi Efobi played explosively from the line of scrimmage by pushing the defender all the way down. But his most impressive play of the night was a field-length kick-off return for a touchdown. Efobi’s paw briefly touched the bear’s end zone while Efobi hugged the caring kick in his arm. Then he ran up to the left side of the lawn. A hard cut to the right a few yards before the midfield and a block from the glove. His rapid cuts and accelerations surpassed the Defenders kick-off team, and he sprinted along the sideline tightrope to clean up.

In the first half of the center-to-quarterback exchange, another defensive and outstanding TJ Murphy shined in the attack during another season. Not only did he help create push-ups with the Junior Swing, but he was also on the receiving side of the touchdown pass.

Cole Krackau is free in the long run to put the game on the ice with 3:08 remaining in the fourth quarter. He ran up the hash on the left and was caught up in a bunch of defenders. His feet continued to stir while he moved with the mountains. In the form of a true escape artist, he eventually spun out of Tuckler’s grasp and bolted the right sideline of the score.

“We’re just trying to fight for the yard, so we can lower the clock,” Cole said. “Then I looked at the cutback lane, and one of the guys behind them came and hit me, but I think they all thought the play was over. I spun off and had stiff arms. After that, I just overtook. “

Bears has an arsenal full of scoring weapons. Throughout the season, some were unleashed in each game. On Friday, all the systems went live and everyone took action.

The San Marcos Academy will play in the TAPPS title game with the undefeated Houston Emery Winner Jaguars at Waco ISD Stadium on Thursday, December 2nd at 3:30 pm.

STATE BOUND: SMA earns ticket to TAPPS state final after defeating Veritas Academy, 74-46 Source link STATE BOUND: SMA earns ticket to TAPPS state final after defeating Veritas Academy, 74-46

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