Starting a Business With No Technical Knowledge

With most successful businesses having a strong online presence and consistently posting and responding on social media, it can seem like being a business owner is only possible for those with lots of technical knowledge. However, if you have a passion for the industry related to your business, you shouldn’t let this put you off. You might need to work with other professionals to make your business a success, but it’s entirely possible.

Laravel Developer

You may be considering hiring a web developer, but before you do this, you should pay a laravel developer to set up the framework which will be used for your business website and other web applications.

It’s not difficult to find someone with the expertise to do this, by looking on and checking out their previous work before making your choice. If you have no technical know-how, it would be impossible to do this yourself, without years of learning. So, it makes sense to invest in your business and hire someone. Cutting corners here can result in a website that has flaws, and nobody wants that, least of all a new business trying to attract customers.

Social media assistant

Although setting up and maintaining social media is simpler than setting up and maintaining a website, you might consider hiring someone to help. If you build up a strong following on social media, it can become distracting if you feel like you should be regularly posting content and responding to comments.

A social media assistant can do their research and take on the voice of the business, to post and respond. By encouraging interaction, they will ensure your business stays in the minds of potential customers but will know how much posting is needed, without this becoming too much. They will also have a strong grasp of the right hashtags to use to reach more people.


Running the financial side of your business is more than just understanding maths and adding up incomings and outgoings, although is part of the role. Keeping track of everything is best left to someone who has experience in bookkeeping and a strong understanding of finances. If your business is successful, bookkeeping could become a full-time job. It’s probably not one you want to take on, especially if your business is more creative or people focussed than financial.

Graphic designer

Your business will need a graphic designer at some point. This might be to design online adverts, social media graphics, or posters for forthcoming sales or opening events. The images and designs you use reflect on your business. So, it might be tempting to try saving money by designing some of this promotional material yourself. However, if your design skills are non-existent and your designs look like they were created by a five-year-old, this reflects badly on your business.

Starting a business doesn’t mean you have to be an I.T whizz or a financial genius. Although, you will have to make up for this by admitting your weaknesses and hiring outside help, so you can focus on your strengths.

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