Staples Center is being renamed to the Crypto.com Arena

In a year of work from home, where “walking” and “to the moon” entered the lexicon together two digital currencies, named after Shiba Inus, suggest that it makes sense for one of the most iconic arenas in Los Angeles to also leave behind the roots of office supplies and be entangled in crypto madness.

Since Christmas, Staples Center will be known as Crypto.com Arena. Owner of AEG announcements that it has entered into a 20-year name rights agreement for Downtown LA arena with the Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform. So this means that starting with the Lakers game on December 25, the space will be officially called Crypto.com Arena, with a new logo that will debut the same day and all external signs will be replaced by June 2022.

The deal also dictates that Crypto.com become an official partner of the cryptocurrency platform –coolfor both the Lakers and the Kings. Does this mean that you will be able to pay for your tickets and beer in bitcoin? Although nothing has been announced, “it may be on the horizon”, According to LA Timeswho also reported that Crypto.com paid over $ 700 million for the naming rights.

Much more can be learned from the announcement of the arena, which has been a Staples brand since its debut in 1999, other than the name change. In terms of sustainability, AEG mentions that it is committed to reducing greenhouse gases, while Crypto.com notes that it intends to become carbon negative by the end of 2022 (Cryptocurrencies are notoriously terrible for the environment due to the energy needed to dig digital tokens – although we’re sure someone with some serious cryptocurrency profits grumbles about how much worse banks are as they read this – so it will certainly be interesting to see how the new name sounds in 2040 d.)

We imagine that this comes as a rather abrupt, strange-sounding change for fans of the Lakers, Clippers (for now), Kings and Sparks. But let’s not forget that the Staples Center is named after a large store where you buy manila envelopes and printer ink. And that in addition to classics such as Dodger Stadium, the Coliseum, the Forum and the Rose Bowl, other major stadiums and arenas in Los Angeles are named after banks, financial companies and health care providers. If the name changes really so annoying, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to board the Clippers when they leave DTLA for Inglewood in 2024 to play in the new, uh, Intuit Dome.

Staples Center is being renamed to the Crypto.com Arena Source link Staples Center is being renamed to the Crypto.com Arena

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