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Senior Nights are recognized for four years of service and can be special to seniors.

For female volleyball player Fallon-James Laksa, it wasn’t just Wednesday’s pageantry.

As Bruins knocked off Salesians 25-21, 23-25, 25-23, 25-20, Laksa performed 25 points in the first set, performed key services in the third game and decided the fourth set. I got 24 points when I played. The last day of the regular season.

St. Pat (9-9) didn’t look sharp in the second set, but players bounced off with some key runs in the third and fourth games.

“I think it was because I didn’t have much energy (in the second set),” Laksa said. “Our team is actually supplying energy from the courts and benches. I think our serving has improved, and we were really working on our pass in the last few sets. I think we all worked together. I really wanted it. ”

St. Patrick-St. Vincent’s Faith Oller celebrates a big point on Wednesday when Bruins won the Salesians in four sets. (Chris Riley / Times-Herald)

Bruins hasn’t played since October 4th and appeared to be rusty early in the game. Head coach Danette Domecus has been advocating team coherence throughout the season.

“Mentally, my body wants to rest,” said Domekas. “They are doing well, but they have to fight to regain the same spirit.”

The first set seemed to favor St. Pat early on, as Bruins took the lead 11-5. They scored 7 out of 8 on that stretch, killing seniors from Camrytown and Laksa and ace from Faitholler.

But St. Pat couldn’t get rid of his pride. Salesio members (9-18) drew the set 15 and led 16-15 with points from Jayna Lorenzo. However, the deficit seemed to awaken Bruins, as he scored 7 of the next 8 points to lead 21-17. Isabella Campos had an ace and Laksa had a kill with 20 points. Campos finished in 24th place and Laksa in 25th place.

Bruins led 21-19 and was in a good position to win the second set. However, the Salesian Maya Pinkney Dink helped her team score five of the following seven points: Kylie Jenson defeated Lorenzo to finish the game and draw the match one-on-one.

The third set was also tip and tack. St. Pat led 9-8 before the Salesians scored 5 out of 6 to lead 14-9. Bruins finally stopped bleeding when Daniel Moerk set Laksa to Dink to give the team a side-out. In the 10-1 spurt, Laksa had three ace, freshman Sierra Rei achieved a big kill, and Catalena Prieto and Moerk made big hits in the back row to extend the lead.

The Salesians approached 24-23 at some point, but Moelk founded Towns, and Pride’s attempted excavations bounced off the ground.

Domecus acknowledged that Laxa was heavily involved in winning the third set.

“She had to find a way to come back and return to the court after being injured earlier this season,” said Domekas. “It’s nice to have a back without ankle pain.”

The Salesians approached 20-18 at some point, but St. Patz had more control in the fourth set. Pride touched the net at the next point, and Olah took over an important service run to push the lead up to 24-18. The Salesians missed the last serve to bring victory to Bruins.

“In Game 3, we worked really well,” said Domecus. “In the fourth set, it was a spurt, but I hit the ball well. Kamlin got her set. Whatever she touched, she almost scored. The setter I needed to feed her a little more. I needed to have the right kind of set for Fallon. I wish I had adjusted it. ”

St. Patrick-St. Vincent’s Faith Oller puts his hand under the ball to help Bruins get a bargain when he wins the Salesians. (Chris Riley / Times-Herald)

The match wasn’t technically a standings-counted tri-counter athletic league match, as the league playoff seed meeting was on Monday. Bruins is the third seed of the TCAL playoffs scheduled for Friday and will host the Salesians again.

After a rough start of the season, St. Pat played better in the second half of the league slate. Is that enough to bring the Bruins to the playoffs in the North Coast section?

“We haven’t peaked, but we’re getting better,” Laksa said.

The four seniors recognized were Laksa, Campos, Towns, and Haley Stamp.


St. Pat 3, Salesian Society 1

Next Match: Friday vs Salesians: 6pm

St. Patrick-St. Vincent High girls volleyball team beats Salesian on Senior Night – Times-Herald Source link St. Patrick-St. Vincent High girls volleyball team beats Salesian on Senior Night – Times-Herald

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