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Like the magicians David Blaine, St. Patrick-St. The Vincent High boys basketball team is famous for its clever magic tricks.

Throughout the game, the crowd at Bruin’s Lair wondered how excited Bruins would be in the final minutes of the North Coast Section Division III tournament against Ross of Branson No. 2.

Unfortunately, the first-ranked St. Pat’s 2nd Rams had all the smoke and mirrors on Saturday evening as they lost to the Bruins in the 2020 section title game, 82-75.

Junior’s position George Gal scored 12 of his team’s 24 points in the fourth quarter – one of four players in Branson’s double figure (25-5).

“That’s what tournament teams do – (Branson) made great shots, made great free kicks, got the stops they needed. They played tonight,” Bruins coach Derek Walker said.

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Vincent Josiah Jones Branson’s defenders mobbed the Bruins when they lost 82-75 in the North Coast Section title game. (Chris Riley / Times-Herald)

St. Pat’s (22-2) two-point victory over Archie Williams in the section finals, Tri-County Athletic League Rock Division MVP Nick Medeiros, had to sit down due to COVID protocol. Medeiros returned on Saturday and the senior scored 21 of his 28 points in the second half, but that was not enough.

“(Branson) was a better team tonight,” Medeiros said. “It’s not the result we wanted, of course.”

The Bruins were just 70-67 with 3:20 left in the fourth quarter after a Jevon Blackmore senior bowl (15 points) that had problems for most of the game. However, Joaquim Arauz-Moore’s jumpers began a 7-1 shot to put the Bulls in control.

St. Pat’s closed out a 77-73 two-run game with 46 seconds left after Medeiros finished off the lane. However, the Bruins were forced to miss and Branson made it six out of 10 to freeze the win on the line.

Arauz-Moore and Semetri Carr both had 18 points, while Branson’s other player, Jase Butler, added 11 points.

Despite playing on the road, Branson seemed ready from the start, forcing a 9-3 lead from the gate and forcing Walker to call the time limit. San Pat bounced back from there, closing out 18-16 at the end of the first quarter with a Medeiros jumper. The Bulls got a 21-18 lead at the end of the period.

Both teams were close throughout the second quarter. It seemed that St. Pat’s would go into the break with a 36-33 lead after two free throws from Medeiros with 20 seconds left, but Gal rumoredly backed away from giving his team a 38-33 lead in the locker room. .

Medeiros kept his team in possession in the fourth quarter, sinking two free kicks with 2.1 seconds to go to make it 54-51. Medeiros also nailed a three-pointer from the top of the box early in the fourth quarter as the Bruins were just 57-56 behind.

Unfortunately St. For Pat’s, Bruins could never equalize or take the lead. Every time they approached, the Bulls had an answer.

The match did not go at the usual pace of San Pat. The Bruins typically limit their chances of scoring with their catch, with a central defense, but Branson seemed ready.

“We hoped it would help (trap), but their coach did a great job of preparing them and keeping them in the right places,” Walker said. “When we hit it, they did things that other teams didn’t do. They took advantage. ”

Medeiros agreed with his coach.

“They handled it very well (trap),” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. We didn’t get so many robberies out of our trap, but it’s happening. ”

San Pat’s will be waiting for the Northern California State Playoffs on Sunday. Walker said he had no idea if his team would be at NorCals’ home or on the road.

St. Patrick-St. Vincent High boys basketball team can’t defend section crown – Times-Herald Source link St. Patrick-St. Vincent High boys basketball team can’t defend section crown – Times-Herald

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