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Here’s how an elected officer from Southern California responded on Tuesday, April 20, after a Minnesota jury. Former police officer Derek Chauvin convicted With death George Floyd:

Governor Gavin Newsom: “The difficult truth is that even if George Floyd looks like me, he is still alive today. There is no conviction that can repair the harm done to George Floyd and his family, Today’s verdict provides some accountability as it works to eradicate the racial injustices that plague our society, “Newsam said. “We must continue to work to combat systematic racism and the use of excessive force. That is why I have signed some of the most progressive police reform laws in the United States. I will continue to work with community leaders throughout the state to raise concerns and support peaceful expression. “

Public Instruction State Supervisor Tony Thurmond: “Today’s verdict is an important and long-deferred step for accountability, but it has been systematic in all institutions, including public education, and has denied student and community justice for generations. If you really want to get rid of racism, there’s tremendous work left. Despite today’s verdict, our students, educators, and families have experienced this tragedy, trial, and in the meantime. It’s also important to remember that we had an extraordinary trauma, struggling to understand everything that happened. Over the next few days, students and adults will handle their emotions and speak to all schools. We encourage you to use it to create space for open and honest dialogue to make lasting changes. “

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn: “This is what justice looks like. The path to unity flows through accountability. The path to healing begins with justice.”

Los Angeles County Supervisory Board Chairman Hilda Solis: “Today we sighed for George Floyd and his family and supporters that the man who killed their loved one would be held liable. This is Breonna Taylor, It does not deviate from the dreaded fact that so many people have been taken away from their families by law enforcement agencies, such as Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, and the people here in LA County. “

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: “For any of us who have lived a bad verdict where justice has been denied, we have seen and felt too painful what it means for our country to stagger backwards. So today is a good day for us to move forward in pain. “

Los Angeles City Council Member Ridley-Thomas: “Today’s verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial is a victory for justice, a victory for accountability, and a victory for common sense. But despite today’s results, our hearts are, It remains heavy for George Floyd’s loved ones who have lost their father, brothers, and friends. His life has been shortened meaninglessly, but Mr. Floyd’s legacy rethinks police throughout the country. Living through our collaboration and advocacy for, so today’s verdict cannot regain George Floyd, but his family knows that he has changed the country forever. I hope that. “

Los Angeles City Council Member Monica Rodriguez: “The killing of George Floyd by those who vowed protection and service marked another moment of betrayal to the color community. Today’s verdict is in an endless battle for justice and accountability. It’s a small step, emphasizing that no one is beyond the law. “

Los Angeles City Council Member Joe Buscaino: “Derek Chauvin was maliciously captured on tape many times in our history and saw the light of day and killed George Floyd. Chauvin of those who vowed to protect In killing one, he downplayed the solemnity of his duty in the worst possible way. I’m very happy that the jury called him Black Lives Matter, which we face. It’s just one day of a very long journey to the calculations we have to do and the healing we need. “

Los Angeles City Council Member Karen Price Jr.In a tweet: “Today, the world has stopped looking at Minnesota. I was guilty because I was waiting for the judge to read the six letters.”

Mayor of Long Beach Robert Garcia: “Today, justice is offered and our love is directed to George Floyd’s family. The jury has done the absolute right. But it eliminates racial injustice and of all. We know that there is much more to be done to achieve true equality. We hope this verdict will be a turning point for our country. George Floyd and many other African Americans. Achieving perfect justice for man is the work we are doing throughout our city and our country. We are on the side of those who are engaged in this important restoration work. I’m standing. “

Senator Alex Padilla, D-California: “The ruling represents the promise of our judicial system. It is a stain on our country for police officers to use force disproportionately against people of color,” Padilla said. “The list of black and brown Americans killed by law enforcement and denied accountability in court is terribly long. I’m the Minneapolis community, the Black Lives Matter movement, and millions. Working with Americans to mourn George Floyd’s murder by officer Derek Shovin. Accountability to police officers should be expected, not unusual. Black life is important. Reforming our judicial system to be recognized at all levels is a thing of the past. ”(Editor)

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon: “The jury has been accountable, but the future of equality is directly in the hands of the United States. Today’s verdict is an important step in the ongoing march to restore public confidence in the criminal justice system. .. I continue to advocate better training for police officers, stronger accountability in cases of use of coercion, and independent reviews of gunfire involving police officers. Effective crackdown It must be fair and only to enhance the security of our collective. “

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva: “As we all saw in the Derek Chauvin verdict, we must trust the judicial process. The law goes that way and justice wins. If a crime is committed, No matter who the perpetrator is, they are brought to justice. Victims are always important. Transparency and accountability work in both ways. Law enforcement officers go from guardian to oppressor When they cross the line, they have to be held accountable. “

Mayor Fontana Aquanetta Warren: “I would like to extend my deepest condolences to George Floyd’s family. It’s hard enough to lose a loved one, but it’s even harder to have to relive it repeatedly. And our hearts are in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I want to say that they are in the citizens of their fellow citizens. The good people of the city have also endured great trauma. My prayer has been decided by their fellow jury and they are now peaceful. Thanks to the people of Minneapolis for supporting our judicial system through this trial, regardless of how everyone feels about this particular decision. It was difficult for everyone involved, but there is a legitimate place for us all to find justice in the courtroom. “

Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-California: “This verdict is an opportunity to show all Americans that police must be held accountable for their actions,” Feinstein said. “… I have great respect for law enforcement, but I always believe in transparency and accountability. Trials and today’s verdict are a step in that direction.”

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood: “(Legal justice) does not regain George Floyd, and in some cases justice does not erase thousands of other mistakes. We are in that direction after this step to justice. Efforts must be made to ensure that thousands or millions of steps to. “

Congressman Mike Gypson, D-Gardena: “Justice has been provided! I think we can sigh of relief. This is the moment we have been waiting for. But there is still a lot to do. This is just the beginning.”

Senate President pro tempo Atony G. Atkins, D-San Diego: “Our country is constantly shaking and mourning the killings of members of the black community. These tragedy, and now the conviction in Derek Chauvin’s trial of the killing of George Floyd, are us. Many leave that they continue to look for both immediate and long-term solutions. Justice was served today, but it’s not a one-time thing. Training, accountability, and decertification are certain. Everything is a good strategy, but the real change must begin with recognizing that systematic racism and our implicit bias explain the biggest part of the problem. We are beginning to face the reality that systematic racism is the true root of the problem, as a society, as well as black, brown, Asian, or ethnically diverse individuals. We need to continue that change from the inside out, embrace the reality of what is happening, and pave the way for change. Otherwise, we need to implement laws, policies, guidelines, and measures to ensure progress. If you’re working on it, it won’t have a lasting effect or it won’t happen at all. “

Southern California elected officials react to Chauvin verdict – Press Enterprise Source link Southern California elected officials react to Chauvin verdict – Press Enterprise

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