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The first victory in a nationally aired cooking contest is noteworthy. But winning the show in its first season makes history.

Anaheim Hills uncle and niece teams Daniel and Delilah Flores set high standards for their first season victory on December 2nd. “Top Chef Family Style” Currently streaming on the Peacock network.

Daniel, 24, runs a home catering business and has never attended a cooking school, but has worked as a cook at Claremont’s Scripps College. 14-year-old Delilah has always been inspired by him, and the two used family recipes to further sweeten their victory. “I was thrilled to have a culinary platform that I never thought I could make on TV,” says Daniel Florez. “We were proud to be there and represent our culture.”

Although they were born in the United States, they used recipes that their families brought from Mexico, some of which have been passed down for generations. The show premiered in September, so Danny and Delilah did it round by round. They cooked red moles, Erotes (a street cone of sticks), Buñuelo (a recipe shared by one of their neighbors), and even more delicious food.

Sponsored by Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelson The Grammy Award-winning Meghan Trainor brought together participants from New York to Hawaii. The challenge was not stunning for the kids who competed in teams with their adult relatives in the Quick Fire and Elimination Rounds. There was pressure.

Contestants showed off gourmet dishes such as steak frit. Eggs Benedict; Fondant potatoes; Chicken tikka masala; Carozza such as roasted tomato soup. The judges ranged from Tabitha Brown, the author of the plant-based cookbook, to Lakshmi Padma and Tom Coliccio.

The comments of the famous chef showed that a high level of professionalism was expected. “Pistachio skins are a little bit in the 1980s,” said Josiah Citrin, a dish. “Delilla thinks you’re the winner,” said guest judge Nancy Silverton. Nancy Silverton required each team to fully prepare a poached egg before competing in the Eggs Benedict Challenge.

Most of the magic of the new show is the adorable young chef. Kaj Friis-Hecht, 14, from New Orleans, looks like a young John Krasinski and he is already working in a restaurant. Originally from San Francisco, Taylor Ellison, 9, resembles a baby Brad Pitt and extends to his exclusion speech. “I miss the friend I made,” he said. “And I miss the flyer.”

Petit Delilah was one of the cutest of all, about 4 feet 5 inches high and looked like a little Maya princess. Her teammate stood above her at 6 feet 2 inches. “It was literally fun when we were looking at the camera,” Daniel said. “The cameraman said,’It’s hard to record you guys!’ They would have to get either Delilah’s face or my torso, or it’s away from my face and the camera. It’s a Delilah. “

Petite Delilah, a constant refrain of “I can’t reach it,” developed the nerves of steel. Concentrated and matured over her years, she grew confidently as the competition progressed.

“If I were like myself a few years ago, I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity,” she said. “I would have been too scared.

“But all the confidence I gained through the show really helped me. Before the show, I was so teased because I was small. But during the shoot, I got that voice and , I learned how to show everyone that you can reach your goals no matter what you feel, so I think that’s what I liked most about winning. “

The Grand Prize includes $ 50,000 and Team Flores splits in the middle. “I’m going to invest my money for the future,” Delilah said. “Obviously I’m still pretty new and young, so I’m looking forward to going to a cooking school and investing money to open my restaurant. Perhaps I’ll showcase our Hispanic culture in the food we serve. There are still many possibilities for that money, but I’m sure the culinary route could probably be the rest of my life in the future. “

To her uncle Daniel Florez, the future looks just as bright. He has shown that he can withstand the heat of the kitchen at the highest level.Pronounced by chef citrine lobster Sweet corn puree, scalloped potatoes, spot shrimp shrimp Bisc—Daniel’s idea, but never had spot prawns — perfectly cooked.

“Have you ever worked with Santa Barbara Botan shrimp? It’s difficult to cook properly,” he said. After tasting the winning dish, Citrine presented a stir-fried crustacean with a glittering caviar collar on top.

So far, Daniel Florez says they continue to be shocked by their wins and are concentrating on the catering business dreaming of the future.

“I honestly want to continue my passion for cooking. I always wanted to have something for myself. Delilah and I one day when she got older I told him I might need a small coffee shop, “he said. “We love cooking and making others happy. Just having a small recipe that you can share with others makes you very cool.”

Southern California cooks win the first season of ‘Top Chef Family’ – Press Telegram Source link Southern California cooks win the first season of ‘Top Chef Family’ – Press Telegram

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