South Sacramento record store impacted by Highway 99 closure

On Record Store Day, the owners of the Phono Select Records store confirmed that their customers were prepared for traffic delays.

Sacramento, CA — Think of it as Black Friday in a store. This is how Dale Bassi, owner of Phono Select Records, described Record Store Day. Sales are 10 times higher than normal, and record collectors are eager to get a new release.

“What’s happening today is that a lot of labels and a lot of bands get together to release a limited number of additional items,” Bassi said.

Record Store Day will also land on the first weekend of the massive closure of Highway 99, shutting down some of the highways and multiple on- and off-lamps. Phono Select Records is located approximately in the middle of the I-5, less than a mile from construction.

Bessie became nervous that highways could affect customer turnout.

Highway 99 Closure didn’t stop record collector Joanne Purdy from arriving at her appointment. She bypassed the power-in road to avoid delays and arrived at the store at 7am for a 10am appointment.

“I had a plan in advance, so I knew in advance how to close it, so I went a long way and started early to get here first,” Purdy said.

Purdy says Phono Select Records is her first stop for many on Record Store Day. She expects to hit the traffic by the end of the day, but says other collectors who started the day may endure it sooner.

“People who depart at 9 or 9:30 can run into some problems,” Purdy said.

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South Sacramento record store impacted by Highway 99 closure Source link South Sacramento record store impacted by Highway 99 closure

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