Some tips to help keep your family safe at the fair

Bakersfield, CA (KERO) —The Kahn County Fair began Wednesday and was filled with classic fried foods, games and vehicles.

Here are some safety tips that families should keep in mind while enjoying the fair.

There are several protocols to keep everyone healthy in the light of an ongoing pandemic.

Face masks are recommended anywhere indoors. A free face mask is available at the gate.

The fair will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for additional cleaning.

Hand sanitizers are available at each booth, and Khan Medical has a booth that provides vaccinations.

Michelle Corson, Program Manager and Spokesperson for the Kern County Public Health Service, said: Health service department.

You can also get a vaccine at the Khan County Fair to get a free fair ticket for future days of the year.

If you’re interested, Corson says you’ll see a blue line on the ground when you enter the fair.

Follow that line to Harvey Hall, where both vaccines are available.

Tickets for the fair can be purchased here.

Be sure to pay attention to 23ABC Friday morning for all Foodie Fridays about some new food vendors at the fair.
The fair will be held until Sunday, October 3rd.

Tickets are pre-sold for $ 9 for adults, but can be purchased at the gate for $ 12.

Children’s tickets are $ 4 online and $ 5 at the gate.

Residents do not need to be vaccinated to attend, but it is recommended.

Everything indoors is required to wear a mask.

Some tips to help keep your family safe at the fair Source link Some tips to help keep your family safe at the fair

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