Some of the University of California’s strike workers reached an agreement

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Postdoctoral scholars and academic researchers reached a provisional employment contract with the University of California on Tuesday, strike continues In solidarity with thousands of graduate workers on all 10 campuses of the university system.

A union representing academics and researchers hailed the deal as a major win, saying it would provide “substantial wage increases to address the cost of living.”

According to a statement from United Auto Workers Local 5810, the deal offers wage increases of up to 29%, along with increased family leave, childcare subsidies, and long-term appointments to ensure job security.

The agreement must be ratified by a vote of the members.

UC’s executive director of industrial relations, Letitia Silas, said the university system was pleased to reach an agreement that respects workers’ contributions.

“These agreements also support our tradition of supporting these employees with the best compensation and benefits packages in the country,” Cyrus said in a statement.

Postdoctoral employees and academic researchers make up about 12,000 of the 48,000 union members who left their jobs and joined the picket line three weeks ago. Teaching about 36,000 graduate students, his assistants, tutors and researchers are separately negotiating and are on strike, demanding higher salaries and benefits.

Union leaders say the strike could be the biggest work stoppage the prestigious public university system has ever faced.

Scholars say current salaries can’t afford to live in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Berkeley, where housing costs are skyrocketing.

The organizers of the National Auto Workers Union, which represents the employees involved, said there is no end date for the strike. Some of the University of California’s strike workers reached an agreement

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