Some Afghan refugees now caught in Ukraine conflict

Masouma Tajik’s story is incredible. He was just 2 years old when the US overthrew the Afghan invasion of the Taliban. Then, after 20 years of war, the United States fled, and the Taliban recaptured the unimaginable additional numbers of Afghanistan as refugees.

Tajik left Afghanistan with no hope of staying in his home country. He was flown by a Ukrainian Air Force plane to Kiev on August 22 said Foreign Policy. Now, unbelievably, he finds himself stuck in another great conflict, in a country he knows little about. He said that the tactics of the Russian army started in Google to see if they were compared to the Taliban, to try to understand the situation in which he found himself.

Another Afghan refugee, Jawed Ahmad Haqmal, left Afghanistan in a similar situation. Haqmal worked as a translator for the Canadian Army in Afghanistan. They left in August and were evacuated to Ukraine. While waiting for the Canadian government to respond to the asylum application, he is now caught up in the conflict in Ukraine. The CBC reported.

“I can’t move forward. I can’t go back. I can’t even get back to Afghanistan. I have no way out, so I have to accept everything. If my whole family dies in front of me, I can’t do anything,” he said.

“Seeing it outside as a war zone is the same situation I saw in Afghanistan when Kabul was falling: explosions, bullets, people running, roads are blocked, armies are on the roads,” Haqmal said.

Bilal Dostzada and his wife and child tried to flee Ukraine by car to the Polish border. He arrived in the Ukrainian city of Lviv.

“We haven’t slept, we haven’t eaten since yesterday,” Dostzada said Vice News. “In the news, we read that the border is open for us to receive. But since I arrived last night, the queues have been getting longer and longer, and no one is letting us in, ”he said. “I left behind a very bad situation in Afghanistan,” Dostzada said

Dostzada fled Afghanistan in 2019 and said, “Now I’m in a bad situation again.”

The UN expects to seek more than $ 1 billion in donations in the next three months for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, the head of the world’s humanitarian organization said on Friday.

Martin Griffiths said in a news release that the exact amount of the appeal is still being decided, but that it will be “after $ 1 billion north.”

The UN announced on Thursday that it would immediately allocate $ 20 million to expand humanitarian operations in Ukraine. Even before Russia’s attack this week, the world organization estimated that about 3 million people were needed after years of fighting by Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian government.

Now, “there will be a larger scale of needs in these very, very extraordinary circumstances,” Griffiths said.

Every year, the UN calls on international donors, especially governments, to fund humanitarian efforts on global issues around the world. Last month, it demanded more than $ 5 billion for Afghanistan, the largest single-country resource.

Some Afghan refugees now caught in Ukraine conflict Source link Some Afghan refugees now caught in Ukraine conflict

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