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“In 2007, I founded Arbisoft with a few other colleagues. It loves solving a variety of computing problems, rather than staying in a particular domain or technology area. That’s why I found it much easier for software service companies than for software products companies, “said Arbisoft co-founder Yasser Basir. “In addition to our love of software development, we also had strong ideas about cultures that encourage wise people to do their best in technology-focused organizations. Arbisoft is a manifestation of many of those ideas. “

Over the past two weeks, Anna Heim interviewed Arbisoft’s Bashir as part of the Experts project.They were recommended to us through us Research; I would like to know which software consultant to recommend to other startups. There was also a guest column focusing on growth marketing on growth tactics and early-stage communication teams, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

Software consulting

consultant: Arbisoft
Is recommended: Omri Traub, CEO Pop cart
customer’s voice: “We were able to create a high performance development team that included development, QA and DevOps. We had access to talented people and, importantly, the resilience of hiring. We want to add more developers. If so, you can get great developers to join your team within a week. It would have taken weeks or months to hire and hire developers in Boston or the United States. “

consultant: Solway Consulting
Is recommended: Paul shake, Sandland
customer’s voice: “They helped us a lot. A less talented development team in Europe built the site without documentation or a lot of messy code, but Solwey was able to handle it all. Needless to say, our e-commerce site is built on headless CMS xShopify checkout. Solwey was able to dive in and get things done in a really good place without the big delays of technical debt. It was one of the only teams. “

consultant: planet
Is recommended: Ryan Donnie, Adolnum
customer’s voice: “I have scrutinized several different consultancy companies. Not only did Planetary bring technical expertise to the table, but their startup-specific thinking is our mission and how to build it optimally. It meant that it was very easy to adjust. Josh has great talent and has created a great team. Their work has dramatically reduced the time to market and ours. It gave us a ready-made starting point to start repeating the product. “

consultant: OpenCubicles
Is recommended: Anonymous
customer’s voice: “The Open Cubicles team helped improve infrastructure utilization, response time, and other aspects that are critical to successful e-commerce. Thorough analysis and optimization streamline the cost of cloud infrastructure. They helped us automate many aspects of our operations. Recommended for those looking for reliable technology services, especially e-commerce development. “

consultant: ThinkNimble
Is recommended: Philip Den, Can be granted
customer’s voice: “They are focused on helping startups succeed and are deeply interested in the mission of the companies they support. They move us forward in terms of our design, and we move forward. We have connected us with many thoughtful people other than the company that helped us do it. “

Arbisoft co-founder Yasser Bashir has built a relationship of trust with early-stage startups. Anna and Basir talked about how Arbisoft has grown over the last 13 years, how to build trust with clients, and the Pakistani startup scene. Bashir said: “I’ve been deeply involved in the country’s startup and tech ecosystem since its inception. Sure, I’m taking off like a rocket ship and I’m not excited anymore. This year, the startup is this. Raised more than all the years up to. Arbisoft is excited because many of these startups need technology services, so they are free to take advantage of new and exhilarating markets. I can do it.”

Growth marketing

Marketer: Ki from within
Is recommended: Anonymous
customer’s voice: “Ki has been supporting our business for over three years, but every time we find a unique way to exceed expectations. Turn on new members of the team from the launch of a new product that sells out in days instead of weeks. From boarding to be able to contribute more quickly, to becoming a person who can work at the VP and strategy level, at the analyst and data driven level, his range is really good, 1% of marketers I think you are in%. “

Marketer: From Kaveh within
Is recommended: Anonymous
customer’s voice: “Kaveh is one of the most empathetic and collaborative marketers I have ever collaborated with. Our team is primarily brand marketers and Kaveh is a media that optimizes their world and interests. It did a great job of seamlessly bridging the strategy (even if it meant an overtime marketing jam session). Not only that, he really cares about the brand, finds small issues on the site, and works with the team. You can see that they are actively sharing. “

(TechCrunch +) Smart growth tactics give startups and SMBs account-based marketing. Jonas van de Poel, Head of Content Marketing at Unmuted, said: Start-ups that are still struggling to find product and market fit do not dream of being able to identify and plan their ideal customer profile (ICP) sufficiently clearly. At the same time, small businesses often lack the resources to invest in sophisticated multi-touch point content marketing strategies. Van de Poel shares what account-based marketing is, the importance of mapping customer travel to marketing content, and more.

Recruiting (TechCrunch +) is just the first step in building an early-stage communication team. Ridge Ventures partner Yousuf Khan writes about the importance of communicating with them as well as having an early-stage communication team. Kahn said: “Not only is it important to build a relationship between executives and the media, but we also need to build a strong relationship with our communicators. They tell you, your likes and dislikes, the environment in which you thrive, and you are most comfortable. Make sure you know where you feel. “

Software product company Arbisoft on the growing startup market in Pakistan – TechCrunch Source link Software product company Arbisoft on the growing startup market in Pakistan – TechCrunch

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